Linn Sondek ?

Best IC's for LP12? associated electronics are tube amp/pre/phono. Thanks
Best IC for LP12??? LP12 can be fitted with different arms and that dictates the choice of IC. What arm will you be using on the LP12?
Assuming you are using the Linn Ittok tonearm, I would recommend the Wasatch Ultama phono interconnect.

While it's pricey, I love the way it mates with this table and arm.
Sorry member Sidssp, I did in fact omit it is equipped With a Ekos arm, and Adikt cartridge. Along with the lingo pwr supply. Serial # is in the 70k's. Please advise. Thx, Craig
I love the Cardas Golden Ref but that can be pricey. They make a version for the Linn for $799 for 1.5 meters. Cardas suggested Brooks Berdan may have a lot of experience with the Linn and suggested I contact them if I was in California for info. Another favorite is to buy the Cardas shielded interconnect from a place like Michael Percy, use 2, one per channel. I use that on my Linn now with an ARO and have been very happy with it. You are somewhat limitied because many of the heavier wires cant be used with the Linn. It bogs down the suspension. My suggestion would be to not play with the wires as much. Find a cartridge that has synergy with the arm and you will do fine. I had no probelm with the Linn cable that comes with the arm.