Listening Sessions Sanders ESL, VERITAS Monoblocks

Short notice. Sunday, June 23rd will be the New Jersey Audio Society Meeting and listening Sessions with the Sanders Sound Model 10c ESL and the VERITAS Monoblocks Amplifiers. This will be in central/North Jersey around the Morristown Area. Any one interested send me a PM for details.

Listening starts at 1pm, break at 2pm to commence NJAS meeting, and restart listening after that, roughly 2:30pm.
What is the complete system configuration? How many hours of break-in time do the Veritas have on them? G.
Since he owns the company I'm sure they have plenty of time on them. This thread really does belong under the "Audio Club" section though.
I will not be able to attend, but I have direct experience with Veritas.... Unless the devices have stabilized with at least 1,000 (1K) hours of a complex signal going through them, audible results, even though more than positive, WILL fall short of what the amps are really capable of delivering, hence my original question.
What is the complete system configuration? How many hours of break-in time do the Veritas have on them? G.

Good question.
Sanders Sound Systems Model 10c
VERITAS Monoblocks (4), bi-amping the speakers.
Rowland Synergy Pre
Meitner MA-1 DAC
Jriver on Windows/DSD over PCM (DoP) for the USB.
All speaker cables and interconnects from Merrill Audio
Power cords from Triode Wire Labs.

Unfortunately the amps are new, so around 200+ hours, will be 300 by Sunday.

There will also be another configuration there.
Gallo Reference 3.1 modified by Anthony Gallo Speakers
Mcintosh Pre
Auralic Vega DAC
USB Cable and DAC from Audio Doctor.
Speaker cables, Interconnects form Merrill Audio
Guido, I am so disappointed that you will not be able to make it.

But on a serious note, what differences do you hear when there is around a thousand hours on the Veritas?

Best, Al.
Hi Al, Veritas continues to blossom for hundreds of hours... I am working on my next scribbling for PFO, which will be dedicated to Veritas monos, including what I heard throughout their break-in process. Saluti, G.
FUN FUN FUN !!! We had a nice turnout for the first meeting of Merrill Audio. Music, conversation and good food. What else does an audiophile need?
What a great meeting! Merrill's dedicated listening room is really special. There is a palpability to the music, especially vocals, that I have rarely heard. In retrospect, I think I would have preferred the volume to be a little lower, but that is not because the system sounded stressed. It did not. Merrill's amps don't editorialize; they just let the music through. The Sanders Sound 'stats were wonderful, clean and pure, although I have heard better bass reproduction. But the range covered by the panels was super-revealing, with lots of air and a well defined positioning of the performers. The Gallo 3.5s driven by the Merrill stereo amp upstairs acquited themselves quite well also. Completely dissappeared into the soundstage, even with a modest front end. When the Vega DAC was added by Dave from the Audio Doctor, the improvement was dramatic.
Thanks. The music was starting to play too loud and was turned down on a well intended comment. The room was being overloaded a bit.

Gallo speaker wire, as recommended by Anthony Gallo, was 5 wire bell wire - $18 for 50ft! We tested that against a $1k speaker wire and on the Gallos, the bell wire was much better. That is what was heard on the Gallo/VERITAS/Vega system.

Glad to hear the meeting was very well enjoyed.
WOW, what a turn out. Well, as my fellow club members said above that will always bring people to attend. There were members there that rarely attend.

Well anyone who has in interest in either the meeting or the club, Metro NJ/NYC area, here is the link.