Listing of Opamps for EE Minimax DAC Plus

Phil from Cimmaron Technology sent me a list of approved Opamps for
respective positions on the board of the EE Minimax DAC Plus; prices
include the Brown Dog Adapters provided by Cimmaron. I have been using
in the U1/U2 position the OPA2604 and in the U6/U7 position the OPA827.
I have not Opamp rolled this unit much, as I have been busied with other
components for review. I attest that the DAC Plus in SS output with the
tube removed and these opamps is sensational.

(NOTE CAREFULLY the warning at the bottom NOT to use the AD 8620 in the U1/U2 positions!) Also note that the positioning of the opamps/adapter is always with the small square solder point on the topside of the Opamp at the upper right hand when the unit is facing the installer. Finally, it is recommended that an opamp extraction tool and an anti-static device be used when removing/installing Opamps.

Is it "worth it"? YES! YES! YES! :)

For U1/U2
Single-channel op-amps mounted on the 020302 SO8-to-DIP8 single-to-dual
channel adapter:
qty 2 each required

020302-OPA627 $48.00 x 2 = $96.00
020302-OPA827 $38.00 x 2 = $76.00
020302-AD797B $48.00 x 2 = $96.00

. . . also for U1/U2
Dual-channel op-amps mounted on the 970601A SO8-to-DIP8 adapter
qty 2 each required

970601A-AD8620 $23.00 x 2 = $46.00
970601A-OPA2604 $13.00 x 2 = $26.00
970601A-OPA2134 $10.00 x 2 = $20.00

For U6/U7
Single-channel op-amps mounted on the 970601A SO8-to-DIP8 adapter
qty 2 each required

970601A-OPA627 $28.00 x 2 = $56.00
970601A-OPA827 $23.00 x 2 = $46.00
970601A-AD797B $23.00 x 2 = $46.00

The AD 8620 should not be used in the DAC PLUS.
"On some forum there was a suggestion to use the AD8620. for positions U1
and U2. While this is a dual op-amp, it is only rated to use up to
plus/minus 13 volts. The circuit in the EE Mini Max DAC and DAC Plus is
plus/minus 15 volts."
if you put the dexa op amps in the original minimax, not the plus, what is the difference in sound between the minimax, and the plus, assuming both have the dexa op amps ?

i am assuming that part of the cost of the plus is the replacement of the stock opamps from the original dac.
I can't explain it any better then what I told you over the phone yesterday.
Is there a difference between the Dexa opamps and the burson's? if much?
Does this opamp rolling make the EE any more musical, or engaging
I just Don't feel drawn into the music with this Dac

The Burson's do not fit under the top cover of the DAC. I do not recommend using as they also draw a lot of current.

Very much so the op-amps make a difference. I still like the OPA2604 duals and the OPA827 singles.