Live Earth 7/7/07 gentlemen start your tivo

here's the lineup for live earth showing saturday
7/7/07 - planets aligned
msn bravo etc

Police reunion, Dave Matthews and many others
has the potential to outdo Live 8

check here saturday for listings
I like the T-Shirts one band was wearing that stated something like "Say no to Nuclear Power".

Let's examine the disconnect in this purely political movement.

Okay, you're fighting greenhouse gases, but you all flew to your venue on commercial or private aircraft. You're against nuclear power though it emits virtually no greenhouse gases.

Yep, makes sense to me!

And please, no talk about the dangers of nuclear power. How many Americans died in the last decade from Nuclear Power accidents? NONE.

But how many coal miners died digging coal in the Americas?

Many hundreds.

Gimme a break with the environmental politics.
Some of us long-haired, vegan, organic cotton wearing, tree huggers have the silly notion that doing something/anything might just inspire our fellow jaded, knuckle scrapping brethren to walk upright for a change and try to care, just a little bit more about this hurtling dust ball we share. It sucks to take on any personal responsibility, I know, and it's so much easier to take cheap pot-shots at others. Sorry for bugging you with being so optimistic, idealistic, and naive. That said, I agree with Zappa as well. :^)

Happy Listening!
i have been enjoying the music,got some new artists to further look in to.judging by some of the comments made in this thread though people are ignoring the main reason this event is happening,to take a look at what each person can do to help instead of being so negative.
But what if they're right? The near unanimous consensus of scientists who read the evidence as clearly showing that our planet is in big trouble due to humanly created pollution? Of course not ALL scientiss agree that this problem is humanly created, but the VAST OVEWHELMING MAJORITY do. ALL scientific projections regarding the future involve statements of PROBABLITIES rather than absolute certainties; and science thrives on debate and skepticism. But at what probablity point do you environmentalist bashers think it MIGHT be worth doing something -- especially when the stakes are as high as the scientific community is convinced that they are? Would absolute 100% certainty and agreement of all be required to be worth getting concerned? 90%? 50? Even if there is only a 20% chance that this majority of scientists are right, might it not be worth being concerned?

It is true that concerns about the enviornment have been taken more to heart by liberals than conservatives -- and we all tend to take on the positions of those we like and to disdain the positions of those we dilike. But should political beliefs let us ignore a scientific near-consensus when the CONSEQUENCES involved are this high?

The probablity of a terrorist attack, and the level of agreement among those who spend their lives trying to predict such things, is MUCH lower than that of the environmental calamities predicted by the scientific community. And although such possible future attackes would indeed by tragic, this would pale in comparison to even the mildest projections of the scientific community regarding global warming. Yet many of us are VERY worried about this problem and willing to take action -- on both sides of the political divide.

Should political ideology lead us to ignore this problem? Again, at what point of certainty should we take this problem seriously?

I normally prefer these threads to focus on music, but since so many anti-environmentalist have used this forum to express their views, I just have to ask -- what if the near-consensus of scientists (and, yes, most liberals, but also many conservatives) is right?
There is no near consenus and no near majority, those numbers have been scewed (like all numbers are) in favor of the promoters of certain death.