London Grammar?

Curious about people's opinions of London Grammar. I just discovered them on a Qobuz playlist.

I've only just started listening to their 3 albums. The music seems interesting enough to get my attention but not sure yet if it will hold it.

Curious as to how people feel about the technical quality of the recordings.

Interested to hear how people would classify the music. At times it seems a bit like pop.....maybe even a bit like Adele who I don't care for. But probably more than simple pop?

Curious what people think about Hannah Reid's voice. The range is certainly there. But is it disciplined? Is it it a pop gimmick? Is it AutoTuned?

What do you think about the two other musicians?


Incredible band, music. Hannah’s voice is hard to explain, but just wow. She’s an absolute favorite and hooks me in every time.

Now this is pop music (so lets keep in in context) and not a large percentage of what I listen to on a reg basis, but, every time I start a LG tune, hard not to listen to the entire album - which is how I listen usually anyway (not a playlist, single song type of listener). Sometimes I just like this style of music

Very engaging music from the get go, goosebumps MANY times. Very different vocal arrangements, inflections, music isn’t of standard recipe/fake crap like most everything put out nowadays. Is unique and surprising musical hooks. Great SQ to boot.

They don’t have a bad album and the new teaser out (House) already has has hooked.

I use Hey Now as a test for how low a system's bass will go.  It can be a wonderful test and the song is fantastic.

Modern pop, electronic music or even rap can have fairly difficult tracks that can be used to stress test hifi systems. There are fairly talented artists tucked away inside the "young people" genres. They actually sound good on hifi rigs and don't sound good on crappy rigs (Bose, Sonos, etc) of the "young people".

A bluetooth speaker with a 3 inch driver should do just fine for Beatles (i.e., the whiny 60s boy bands!), rolling stones, etc. You don’t need a hifi rig with badass speakers and subs for the beatles!

Apparently, some guys around here stuck in a time warp think that the greatest music ever made was from 60 years ago. Ooooo, so sophisticated, don’t i know....Read some of the 60s boy band lyrics and it is just as cheesy and sappy as some modern crap.



a few audio shows play HEY NOW as a reference. It sounds fantastic on the Grimm mu2  The rest of the music is pop something nothing