Long ic or spkr cable to surrounds?

I will be putting a HT system together shortly and will be using a pair of mono amps most likely for the surrounds. The distance from the processor to the spkrs. will be around 30 feet. Is it better to use a very long ic and position amps very close to surrounds or to put amps close to prepro and use long speaker cables? Thanks.
Here we go again...! If you must run a long interconnect, a balanced configuration is preferable. Since speaker output is much greater than line level, there should less loss in a speaker cable than an interconnect over the same distance. Many variables are at play, but as a general rule of thumb, use the largest gauge speaker cable you can for a long run. Opinions definitely vary on this subject though!
If the rear surrounds are going to be dipoles no big loss running 30foot lenth.If the rears are mono poles like the front LCR I would go with a long ic and short spkr cable.I feel mono poles would suffer more than dipoles.