Long Term Evaluations of Audiolab CDT6000?

Does anyone have longer term evaluations of the CDT6000 transport?

Things like imaging, localization, transparency, brightness or darkness,

naturalness, neutrality, tonal accuracy, etc.

Thanks in advance!




I purchased from Music Direct. I was using a McIntosh MA-12000’s internal DAC and the sound was flat and lifeless. I returned the CDT6000. Then I put together a fast NAS and scanned my CDs. I since purchased a Holo May KTE DAC and the CDs sound amazingly musical.

This isn’t meant as a negative review, but rather a suggestion that you try it in your system. There aren't a lot of choices in this price range.  I suspect that the CDT6000 feeding the May DAC would have had a much better presentation.

Ive owned mine for approximately 9 months and remain very impressed. It plays well above it's price point. I found it responds to better power cords, coax cable and isolation devices