Longer XLR Runs

In over 25 years of this High-end Hobby I have never used or experimented with an interconnect run of over one meter in length. I have a want not need to move my source/preamp about 3.5 - 4 meters from my amp. I would use XLRs for obvious reasons (gain,etc) but my question is how much will this affect the dynamics or sonics in general? I certainly don't want to jeopardized those for any reason. I could do longer speaker runs which I have done in the past with good results, but I want my amp in the middle so that's not an option. Any thoughts or facts would be appreciated. Thanks Chris.
I'm using 25' (7.6m) XLR calbes with excellent results. They are Bluejeans cables (Belden 1800F with Neutrik connectors.)
Rest easy. True XLRs are intended for long runs in noisy environments and they work great in short ones also iff your equipment is truly balanced.

Long speaker cables drop the damping of your amp and can cause bass roll-off, all other things being equal. Bad.

I have a phono setup in another room to minimize vibration. I run a 15M pair of XLRs out of the phono preamp into the balanced preamp. I put the mac-mini streaming Qobuz into the USB/DAC/SACD in that room now. I can tolerate looking at speakers but am more interested in listening to music than staring at racks of equipment in between.

Makes it easier to surprise guests with a new music selection.

I have another room for 'home theatre.'