Oppo BD-103, Youtube feature no longer works

Bought an Oppo Digital BD-103 just a little over a year ago brand new from my high end audio dealer.  Love the unit and I do use many of its features (Blu-ray of course, SACD multi-channel via HDMI output, YouTube, Pandora Radio).  Well this weekend all of a sudden the YouTube function is no longer working and I do use this feature regularly.  I have it hard wired to an ethernet connection for the highest bandwidth and speed possible.  Now all I get is "Unable to Load Channel".  I tried resetting the device to the original factory settings but no go.  It does have the most current firmware version installed.  Before I either throw it out or sell it here on Audiogon without the YouTube feature and get another one, does anyone have any suggestions as to why all of a sudden the YouTube function is dead?  Did I burn it out or something?  What can I try?  In my many years in this hobby, when an audio products lasts a year or so and then it craps out, I never buy that brand again.  But unfortunately I cannot find another manufacturer that offers a unit with these features (Blu-ray, SACD multi-channel and YouTube).  They've got me over the proverbial barrel. I know we live and operate in a disposable world but really !!  Is Oppo Digital build quality that poor?  
Yes contact Oppo directly by phone or email.  Customer service is fantastic.

The same thing happened to me on my 105 once and I was able to fix it by unplugging the unit for a few minutes. I hope this will fix yours too as this only happened the one time to me and has been fine since. If that doesn't work just give OPPO a call and they will get you fixed up.
I just launched YouTube for the first time on my 103d and it worked fine .  I would check to see that you have the latest firmware and test you Internet connection through the players menu  , and check to see if something like Pandora works  

I've had my 103 for about six weeks and it's been great,  I know a few people with oppos and no complaints so hopefully it's something simple 
Thanks everyone for your excellent input.  I did finally call Oppo Digital tech support the other day.  (My player does have the latest firmware).  The tech explained that these players use a YouTube app and it's not a direct connection to the web which would explain why YouTube works fine on a desktop, laptop, windows cell phone, etc.  He said that YouTube could have just implemented an update to the app or something like that which can for a short time cause problems.  He said to give it a few more days.  Today (Sat 2/6) it seems to be back working properly.  Thanks.