Looking an original box/packing material for a Sony SCD-777ES

I know that these players have quit on some folks, so hoping to pick up a no longer needed original box.  If you have one available, please message me here with the details.  Thank you!  
I spoke with a expert modder to the Sony SCD-1 last month about my unit. We discussed shipping and some other things. One thing to keep in mind is that the Styrofoam packaging inside the original boxes (like mine) need to be replaced if you plan to ship the units. The shock absorption ability of the foam degrades with time.
Thanks for that insight YYZ.  Your response raises another question:  Will the SCD-1 packaging also fit the 777 unit?  
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I sent my SCD-777ES SACD player out to Sony in Laredo Texas 7 or 8 years ago to have a new laser installed.  I shipped it in the very flimsy factory box and packing it came in and Sony sent it back in a box for one of their receivers!  While the receiver box was of a much heavier and sturdier cardboard, like Elizabeth said the original box was "a total steaming pile", the Styrofoam packing had completely disintegrated into tiny pieces of  Styrofoam.  Their box and packing had a lot to be desired.  

I would go to a place like U Haul and purchase the proper sized box.  I would buy 2 to double box.  I would then buy a sheet of inch thick Styrofoam, line the bottom of box and all sides with it and one for the top.  That should be more than sufficient.  Also bubble wrap the player first.