Looking for a CD player that holds 5 CDs

I have modified/upgraded tube amp and Axiom speakers. It's a good sounding system, so I want a CD player that sounds good too & holds 5 CDs. I used a modified Magnavox '580' with TDA1541 chip set. It sounded good, but is getting very tired & needs replacement. Any suggestions? Used is ok.
An Anthem CD-1 by Sound Frontiers. It may be hard to find, but I still think mine sounds wonderful.
Go with a beosound9000 and use spdif output. Best looking 6 CD changer you can buy. 
McIntosh MCD-205. Uses the Nakamichi music bank transport. Very reliable and excellent sonics as well.
Check out EBay, which lists many in all price ranges.  FWIW, one member here constantly recommended the Sony CE 595, IIRC, as a very good sounding yet inexpensive solution.  If your budget allows, I'd suggest buying a new one, not used, because a new one is less likely to have a mechanical problem in the shorter term.
swampwalker5,093 posts02-02-2018 7:40amCAL CL-10.  

+1 for the California Audio Labs CL-10, great unit, read the review of the CL15 which is the same except a single disc unit. They have the PCM1702 dac, one of the best redbook converters, and also the PMD100 HDCD chip a great addition.

Cheers George