Looking for a copy of Brendan Perry's - Eye of the Hunter LP on 4AD from 1999

Apologies if this is against local protocol, but I saw this album mentioned here in a couple of threads and I'm on an exhaustive hunt to find a copy of the elusive LP.

Anyone here have a copy you would sell or know of another for sale anywhere? I'm offering $175 if you have one and will sell.

While I wait for one to turn up, please sing this albums' praise and hope for a reissue.

Thank you,



It's a tough one to find. Have you added it to your discogs.com wishlist? You'll get alerts if one comes up for sale.

Greetings - I really like this album but only have the CD. Did not know there was a vinyl version out there. Based on the era thee might not be but I have not looked - will keep and eye out for one.

That being said, I love DCD and have scene them a few times but tended to gravitate toward Brendon's contributions to the band. A few standouts for me are

  • How Fortunate the Man with None
  • Black Sun
  • The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
  • Xavier

Are there others songs you all like? 


I've been watching on Discogs for a few years, but they always sell before I see them.

There's a copy on ebay right now, but the seller won't budge from $250, and that's too rich for my blood.

I love the Americana feel of Eye of the Hunter. It really showcases how dynamic his musical ability is.

American Dreaming is another early solo song of his that I love.

DCD that feature his vocals that are great are:

Anywhere Out of the World on Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun

Severance from The Serpent's Egg is incredible

Ulysses also from The Serpent's Egg  also incredible

Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book from Aion

Streaming on Qobuz right now. That's why digital streaming beats LPs hand down!😁

@matteapolis  - I was going to mention the one on eBay but it a tad expensive. I really like all the tracks you mentioned from the various albums and would like to add 

Don't Fade Away - from Toward the Within

American Dreaming is also on this album which is great as well.


@dadork You may have a point at the end of the day, I still have a high end vinyl rig but starting to thin outage CD collection to the essentials or sentimental value. For example, my first two CDs, the first Asia album and the second Berlin album, where purchased back in 1983. My parents supported by audio hobby and anted up for a first generation CD player. That being said downloads and streaming may have value. The added value for LPs is I like the larger artwork

I do miss that aspect of it but with streaming my collection is limitless and it doesn't take much space! Overall, too, for me who didn't ever have much of a collection, it is a huge savings of $$ in the long run when I consider TT and stockpiling enough albums that I don't get bored hearing them over and over. If anyone pops in, I can offer to play them pretty much anything they can name.

@dadork I'm a vinyl guy who also loves streaming for the very reasons you stated. One format doesn't preclude the other. Sometimes, you just have to have the record!