Looking for a DAC under 2k

I'm using a Small Green Computer Optical Rendu to bring usb to a DAC.
Looking for a new DAC around 2k new or used.

Recently, I had a Border Patrol Se-i which sounded beautiful with a great soundstage and a relaxed sound. Unfortunately, dynamics and bass definition were weak.

Next up, I tried the ifi Pro iDSD. Detailed and clean, but lots and lots of settings to play with. Became noisy after a couple hours and eventually stopped putting out sound and went silent. Can't deal with that kind of poor quality, but really would have prefer a little warmer sound.

I borrowed my Chord Qutest from my headphone system. Very good with my tube headphone system, and not bad on the speaker system, but would like something a bit more analog sounding, like a Border Patrol with dynamic punch and clearly defined, not muddy bass.

TIA, for suggestions.

I recently got to an Ares II to see what all fuss is about with R2R. I own the Qutest and one significant area that Ares wins hands down as it's more continuous sounding like analog. Qutest is great digital. See the difference. Now I'm looking into Holo May or Aqua La Scala or even maybe Pontus II without breaking the bank!šŸ˜ƒ

BTW I haven't heard the older all in one chips like the TA1541 chip but I guess less resolution than descreet resistors but still can do the analog thing.
I have a Pro-Ject Dac Box RS, and it has been an excellent Dac. Its tube and solid state and they run $1100. Iā€™ve had it for 4 years, and other than just having to replace the tubes for the first time, it been very reliable and the sound is awesome especially for the money
Been there and seen it as well. Lived in China 6 years returned to the US in '14. Totally agree and saw some crazy stuff and these were tier 1 automotive factories.Ā