Looking for a front end streamer only.

I am looking for a front end streamer that I can get the cleanest sound out such as the Auralic Aries 2.1 or Dcs Network Bridge etc.I mostly would stream Tidal and Qobuz but would like Roon end point too. I have a Anthem STR integrated amp and Focal Aria 936 floor standing speakers. Mostly been doing Vinyl and Cd's. Looking to join the streaming world. Will buy a better Dac later. Don't want to spend more than about  6k. I would like to use my ipad for controlling everything. I have a dedicated ethernet connection or can do wifi.
Find a metrum Ambre for $1200. Plug in an Ethernet cable, plug in aes from metrum to your DAC. And your done. Roon will find the metrum, you’ll get 24/192 out of the metrum AES and it will sound sublime 
Since you have Cd’s you may want to consider the following: NAS drive, Roon, Streamer.  I went with the following Lumin D2, Synology DS918+, and Roon Nucleus +. You can rip your cd’s into the nas and have them on a hard drive for extremely quick access via Roon Nucleus +. I also have A Tidal subscription.  The nice thing about the nucleus + is that you can stream to other outputs in your system like your phone, wireless connections or other hard wired components in your house.  Go with the nucleus + for speed you won’t regret it.  The Roon will also tell you how the original source was recorded and how it breaks the type of music down to match the best possible output depending on the device you are streaming to. It does that for every music selection. 
You might want to check out the Small Green Computer lineup if you haven't already.  I did the 30 day trial with the i5 sonictransporter and ended up very happy running Roon on it.  Bought the linear power supply for it as well. 

I've got it feeding a KEF LS50 Wireless setup in the bedroom, a dedicated headphone setup, and my main system.  It doesn't even bat an eye with all three running at the same time.  Roon really is the way to go, and the SGC gives you a 60 day trial to test drive it.
If you want the "best" SQ I recommend the dCS bridge with FPGA to keep it current for many years.  If you decide to subscrbe to Roon, all that you will need is the Silent Angel package:
You can spend all of the time that you desire to find out that they sound better than most of the above except for maybe the Wolf that costs as much as both of them together.
My bet is that the dCS sounds best at it's price point for years.