Looking for a front end streamer only.

I am looking for a front end streamer that I can get the cleanest sound out such as the Auralic Aries 2.1 or Dcs Network Bridge etc.I mostly would stream Tidal and Qobuz but would like Roon end point too. I have a Anthem STR integrated amp and Focal Aria 936 floor standing speakers. Mostly been doing Vinyl and Cd's. Looking to join the streaming world. Will buy a better Dac later. Don't want to spend more than about  6k. I would like to use my ipad for controlling everything. I have a dedicated ethernet connection or can do wifi.
My two cents and please don't take it the wrong way: you are looking for a $6,000 streamer to use with a $2,800 pair of speakers? And with an all-in integrated amp costing $4,500 MSRP (including built in DAC)?

Of course price does not mean much, but if I were you, I would look to upgrade those components first, before looking at a SOTA streamer. Unless of course you were in process of already doing this upgrade.
If your DAC has usb input, a Sonore UltraRendu & Uptone Ultracap LPS 1.2 ps will be enough and cheap  to start. 
I am in the process of updating my system. It is being used as both a home theater system and for stereo listening. I have a lot invested in the home theater side. I just bought a Simaudio Moon 680D streamer on this site. Will go from there. Thanks everyone for the advice.
The new LINK II looks like the best USB streamer under $1K. 
Probably SQ better than many $3K.
30 free trial.
I just received the Simaudio Moon 680D. Breaking it in but it sounds really really good so far. The Clarity and Precision of streaming music from Tidal And Qobuz is just the best I have heard from my system. I will probably update my Focal Aries 936 and Anthem-Str Integrated Amp some day but for now I am very Pleased.