Looking for a low heat tube amp

Outfitting my home office down here in NOLA and looking for an integrated tube amp that does not give off extreme levels of heat. Room is 10x10' with a southern facing window. Room already gets warm so I am looking for an amp that can provide at least two inputs (tuner and computer) but not turn the room into a sauna like my Dynaco setup did. Starting from scratch but would like to keep my Energy AC-300 speakers (90dB). Not a all turned off by a project amp or a sleeper chi-fi unit. Trying to keep the unit under $1000. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

- low heat
- minimal wattage needed
- two inputs
- remote control would be awesome but not needed
- capable of running my Energy AC-300 (90dB @ 1M/2.83V, 6 ohms nominal)
@analogluvr, I would have suggested the Music Reference RM-10, but the op is looking for an integrated amp. A nice passive pre partnered with the RM-10 is a good alternative.
If heat is an issue, the Dynaco SCA-35 is a nice amp. It has well-designed output transformers and otherwise is a complete integrated amp with about 17 watts per channel. It should be renovated, as it is an older amp and should have its filter capacitors replaced, but it is very musical and very reliable if properly renovated.

There are a number of very cool updates available for it too.
Based on your criteria I would suggest the Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKII.Rated at 8 wpc it has high current and will easily power 88dB and above.Generates minimal heat,exceptional sound staging.Highly acclaimed in enjoy the music and absolute sound reviewers.Drop dead gorgeous,if you want to make a statement in your office this will impress.
After reading all the great input and suggestions, I decided to jump on a Cayin A-50T which does not meet the criteria of low heat but I got a good deal. I'll just sweat more. Thanks everyone for the input.