Looking for a mid-priced tube preamp

I will be pairing this with Atma-sphere M-60 MKII.3 amps. Balanced outputs would be a plus and used is prefered.
Price range around $1000.
check out the sfl-2 on this site around your price range.Also a sfl-1 sig. both should fit your needs nicely.Both very well made units
the aes dennis had preamp on gon at nine with remote is a steal sounds great i own one
For under 1000.00 the BAT VK-30 ( 6 tubes ) is still a great preamp & is fully balanced. I have one for only 749.00, 8/10.
I just got an Ultra 4A and its wonderful. Very full bodied, warm and detailed. In word--musical. Here's a link to a review: http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/mad4multra_e.htmlI've heard the Octal 6 is great, but have not heard it myself. The Mapletree products have to be one of the best values out there.