Looking for a Reasonably Priced Power Conditioner

I am currently running a modestly priced audio system in a bedroom. The total investment in the system is about $5,000. Here is a link to the virtual system:

Virtual System Link

Currently, I have the components in this system plugged directly into a quad AC wall receptacle. I am interested in picking up a reasonably priced power conditioner for this system to protect the components against spikes and surges and, hopefully, to achieve some sonic benefits as well. At a minimum, I would like for the conditioner to have no adverse effects on sound quality. I will need at least three outlets on the power conditioner to handle all the components in this system (CD player, tuner, amp).

What are your suggestions for a reasonably priced (say $1,000 or less) power conditioner that would make sense for this system?.

Please note that I don't need any advice on dedicated circuits and the like.

Thanks for your help.
Have you thought about Hydra 2/4 ? It seems to be the logical choice (bought s/h, ofc).
Try the furman elite 15pf--retail is about 600-650-used usually about 300-325--great buy for the money --the next step up in their line goes for 2k--rich
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Thanks for your input, guys.

Tvad, my experience with isolation transformers is that they make an audible buzzing noise and are best located outside the listening room. Do the Equitech units make any audible noise? Also I'm wondering whether the transformer in the Equitech unit is sized large enough to avoid core saturation if a power amp is plugged into the unit. Do you ahve any perspective on this?

Thanks for your help.
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I've been happy with a PS Audio Quintet. It eliminated a slight buzz in my system and lowered the noise floor to utter silence. The Duet shares the same design but has 4 receptacles rather than 10. For $200 used, you can't go wrong. -Mark