Looking for a streamer/DAC

an old dog trying to catch a new stick. Looking for a streamer/DAC that includes Wi-Fi and would be best to run through my McIntosh MA352. 
I’m confused about the preamp section in many products. Can the preamp be bypassed so I can continue to enjoy the warmth of the tubes?

I have B&W 803 D4 speakers and max budget of $4-5K. 


BRYSTON …. stand-alone streamer/ digital player AND paired with its stand-alone stablemate DAC

- read the reviews .

- audition if you can 

=  you won’t be disappointed,

I'd suggest listening to the BlueSound Node as it's a great entry point.  If you are looking for a higher end unit - I'd explore Moon 280D streamer/DAC...

I prefer a streamer/DAC versus separates due to convenience and space. 

Thanks so much for all the helpful responses. I have looked at the Moon, but will check Bryson and others based on your suggestions. 
and I may just start with the Node to begin my streaming experience and upgrade later. 

Just get one with a volume control to bypass a preamp.

But a good transparent preamp will not affect tubey amp sound 


I’m using the new Node N130 into a Denafrips Pontus ll dac to my integrated amp.  All Dac’s have analog outputs that you plug into your preamp, amp or integrated amp.  Some Dacs can be used as a preamp( they have volume controls). There a many in every price range to choose from. What kind of music do you listen to?  Besides digital to analog conversion, what do you want yours to do? How do you want it to sound? Some are warm sounding and some are very digital sounding. 
There’s a bit more than price to consider when buying a Dac.

All the best.