Looking for a streamer/DAC

an old dog trying to catch a new stick. Looking for a streamer/DAC that includes Wi-Fi and would be best to run through my McIntosh MA352. 
I’m confused about the preamp section in many products. Can the preamp be bypassed so I can continue to enjoy the warmth of the tubes?

I have B&W 803 D4 speakers and max budget of $4-5K. 


I am an old geezer that has been with digital every step of the way. I am going to assume you want streaming to sound as good or very nearly to your other sources. Meaning you can fully enjoy your streaming and not keep going back to other sources because they sound so much better.

I recommend an Aurender A10 (or any Aurender that you like)… I see them for about $4.6K. But I would like you to consider you are investing in two components… so that is $2.3K for the steamer and $2.3K for the DAC. These are two components worthy of their own boxes… the analog equivalent is a TT and Phonostage… and at the level of a preamp and amp. I found if well chosen these tend to be of similar cost. As an old dog, the best way to spend a lot of money is to dip your toe in… be disappointed… throw some more money in… “well, sounds better”. Then realize you need to match the performance to the rest of your system. Do once and well, life is short.


You do not bypass, or want to bypass your preamp. You plug this into your integrated amp.

You do not need a wifi enabled streamer / player. Get a $59 wall wart wifi extender and plug it in next to your audio system. Plug your streamer in to this. My $150K main system works this way (I bought a Aurlic Aries G2 because it had wifi and was very disappointed with it overall… then found out about the wifi wall wart). So does my $15K + headphone system.

My system also contains an MA352. Listening room is upstairs and on the other end of the house. Dealer told me to consider a wall-wart extender instead of a wifi streamer. I think I ended up with the TP Link 1200 (sorry not home at the moment to verify). 

I connected a decent Cat6 cable to this, which runs to an Innuos Mini mkiii ($1400) with external power supply ($800)The bits are then sent to a Wyred4Sound Dac-1, ($1300) then to a set of balanced inputs on the MA352.  I’m not really a digital guy, but this set up is quite pleasing to my old ears. Many of the HQ files from Qobuz are equal to my vinyl set up.

More good suggestions to consider. Thanks. 
I am slowly building my new system. Very happy with the accuracy of the B&W speakers with the added warmth and smoothness of the MA352. 
mill rrsearch all. Never heard of a wall wart so it’s off to new learning. 

Get the ifi zenstreamer and then the dac of your choice. 
Easily upgradeable, and not a lot of money to put your toes in the water. 

Ok..Ignoring your call for all in one.. I just went through this and purchased a Holo May DAC DTE which destroyed my analog and is just amazing. For now I use an iFi Zen Stream with iFis $249 power supply and use Roon to stream Quboz and from my NAS. You get a very musical DAC, but now need a usb cable. I’m waiting for the PS Audio AirLens streamer due out in the next two to three months.  At this point it will be I2s between the Holo and the PS Audio.