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The Mood Was Ruined
Sorry. My typewriter is not working. If it was something that glorious, then I would look for multiple copies. One will have what you need.     
The Mood Was Ruined
Please find 3 more copies. If the event that much to you, it will be worth it.   
Looking for a streamer/DAC
Get the ifi zenstreamer and then the dac of your choice.  Easily upgradeable, and not a lot of money to put your toes in the water.   
Favorite Guitar Solo
Bold As Love. And it’s not close.  
Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium
Tannoy would be recommended as something to look at. The Prestige series in particular. Not sure of your budget.  
Optical Cable recommendations
You might want to look at Lifatec. I have had good experience with them. Best regards 
Line Magnetic 518 + Piano, special?
Thank you. I would like a more definitive answer if anyone has it. Regarding the topology of the preamp circuit and the pre- in input.  I have the same product. And am only asking for my sake.    
Line Magnetic 518 + Piano, special?
Yes. Sorry should have specified that it is to be used with a preamp. Tube preamp in my system was better than solid state. I have been under the impression the preamp tubes were bypassed when using the pre in input. Do you feel otherwise? Or is t... 
Line Magnetic 518 + Piano, special?
Try it as an amp only and upgrade the tubes. 
Tidal - why only remastered versions?
Thank you for the responses. Duckworp’s response was eye opening. Tidal, it seems, is subject to the recording industry and their presently constructed libraries. So maybe I am laying the blame in the wrong place. I guess I will continue to constr... 
Tidal - why only remastered versions?
To answer the above post - I haven’t any experience with classical remasters. I would guess that they are the best of the class of remasters given their discriminating audience. What I have heard is that the rock albums I listen to from the 70s an... 
Phoenix Engineering Roadrunner
Thank you for the replies. 
Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month
PM sent.  
Battery power supply
Yes. Thank you. I have the ps p500 and the PS Audio power plant premiere. I like them. Unfortunately the p500 only has the pass through outlet working and the premiere has only one outlet working. It would be a pretty penny to fix both. I was was ... 
Battery power supply
To further, an internet search seems to stipulate that this is a lithium battery and a true sine wave output. But it seems that information is limited. And the advertisement that I linked may be wrong.