Looking for advise with selecting next integrated amp

Hello! I'm looking for advice on selecting the next integrated amp.

Lately, I have been going through audiophile burnout and got tired of spending more and more on isolation, cables, tweaks, power regenerators etc. I sold most of my gear and wanted to settle for a nice integrated and spend time on listening to music rather than tweaking. (streamer, DAC, and phono pre are not required)

I narrowed my search to McIntosh MA352 or MA7200, but recently I learned some things about the company that make it impossible for me to support them. So I'm starting the search from scratch. 

Considerations: Room is 15 by 17. Speakers are an old variation of the pure audio project trio15 with tang band w8 driver - sensitive, but getting the best bottom end requires some power. Tone controls are strongly preferred.

Sound preference - smoothness in the upper midrange and lower treble is a requirement. I would prefer a non-fatiguing presentation over dynamic fireworks. Have a strong preference for a full-bodied midrange with well-controlled/textured bass.


Additional context:

Yamaha sound is a no-go for me - too thin in the midrange.

Rotel products - too high audible noise floor and struggling to present a developed sound stage.

PS Audio M700 monoblocks - Great 98% of the time, but on some notes in low treble, the texture of string instruments becomes "ringing" or "whistling." The only amp that ever did that and prompts me to avoid any class D amps from that point on.

I like the smooth tonality of Cary Audio separates but let them go because of the lack of tone controls and lack of excitement in the presentation.

I really like the treble and mids presentation in amps like Willsenton R8 with upgraded tubes, but it cannot get the most out of the low end and requires significant time to warm up before listening to get the best sound.

I tried Lokius tone controls with Audioquest Mackenzie balanced cables before and after, and it negatively impacted the clarity and sound stage.


To summarize: looking for an integrated with smooth treble and mids, and control of the bass, with tone controls for additional tweaking. Not class D. Preferably solid state or at least with solid state power section. Under $8k MSRP.


Thank you!




Local, no closet weirdos,

Save your energy.

Why buy one made outside the USA

when in this case we make the best!!


Based on your described needs I also suggest either Pass INT-25 or INT-60. If tone controls are an abs must then the Luxman 505. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

I second the Luxman integrateds.  Any of them.  I had the 507 for a long time and was very happy with the sound plus they are beautifully built and have tone controls which I also liked.  Moved on to Luxman tube pre and tube amps.