Looking for Amp advice

I am putting together a new system - Piega 10 speakers, Hovland pre-amp and Accuphase DP-75V
CD. Looking for amp and cable suggestions. SS or
Thanks in advance
For speaker cables I suggest you look into the ZERO autoformers available at www.zeroimpedance.com. They are absolutely exceptional. For amp suggestions I would ask Piega what they would recommend.

I just purchased the P10s and have been using Bel Canto EVO 200.2 amps configured as mono blocks, along with a tube preamp (Audible Illusions M3, soon to be replaced by Supratek Syrah). I am using Piega's own speaker cables and will be comparing them with my previous cables, Pure Note Reference Epsilons, once the P10s and the Piega cables have had a better chance to break in. I would also be interested in trying out the Jena Labs cables on the P10s, but that experiment may have to wait awhile.

I have heard the Tenor 75wi on the P10s and thought it was an incredible, almost magical, match, especially on SACD. I still have a LONG way to go before the P10s are properly broken in and before I can really assess the sound, but I can tell you that after 150 hours or so, they are really beginning to open up, with much improved transparency and coherency, a deeper and wider soundstage, and better articulated bass. I have been playing them virtually around the clock for two weeks now. Last night, I stayed up way too late listening to CD after CD with a big, goofy grin on my face. Fun stuff.

The big tube amps are very nice (and very pricey), but I would recommend that you at least audition some of the better solid state amps out there. I think you would find the Bel Cantos a worthy contender, and they can be had used for about $1500, which is about the same amount as the tax you would pay on the Tenors.

As for the cables, if you are interested in the Piega brand, contact Steve at HiFiFarm.

I am in no way affiliated with that dealer, or any other. Just a very satisfied customer enjoying the music. Please let us know what you decide to do.

best of luck,
Since you like the Accuphase CD I suggest an Accuphase amp; I'm veeeeery happy with mine. The A20V or A50V are pretty pricey but with comparable quality to the Hovland; a tube pre driving a SS amp can work quite nicely together. For somewhat less $ the P series Accuphase amps are also very good indeed.
What cables are you interested in? Interconnects, speaker cable, AC cords?
Hi All
Thanks for the responses. I just came back from the NYshow, and aftermany back and forths, I decided on the Gamut D200.I think it will be a good match with the Hovland pre. Still Clueless about cables - ic's, speaker
and power. How are the prices of the Piega cables?
Thanks again
Carl I'm sure you'll be very happy with the Gamut which also uses mosfet ouput topology. Please do report back on your results with the Gamut!
Choice of cabling: I can only tell you what works nicely with my own mosfet Accuphase; I haven't experimented extensively however.
Interconnects: I have Synergistic Research Resolution Reference MKII (not the new X series - I wish) with the active shielding Master Control Center powered via a Synergistic Designer Reference Squared AC (yes the AC cord makes a big difference here, hard as that is to believe).
AC cords: again the Synergistic Research Designer Reference Squared's AC on pre & PA. All connect to a dedicated AC line through Chang Lightspeed line conditioners.
Speakers: I have high resolution horns & have great results with MIT MH750 Magnum BiWire speaker cable.
I do have an itch to upgrade my interconnects to Designer Reference X series; for my AC cords I'd upgrade but keep the same models (they are now available with active shielding in the X series).
FYI: One member reported great results with Tara Labs The One cabling with his Accuphase products.