cable and interconnect advice?

I am the proud new owner of a brand new set of acoustic zen adagios ..wahoo.
i run a nu vista m3 hybrid amp
nu vista cd3 morrow ma4
vpi classic benzo
and as of now have 8tc kimber
any thoughts? i have an option to snag a set of tara lab one cables ?
or go for mr lees absolutes.
i would like to get a used pair prefferabley 1-1.5 meter
dont really wanna go over 500 bks so used may be best ,my 8tc kimbers
mostly classic rock,jazz and progressive
Get in touch with Paul at Clear Day cables.  He'll probably send you some cable for'll quickly ditch the Kimber.
I have to say that the Acoustic Zen Hologram II that I use with a pair of Wilson Sophias have been nothing but spectacular as well as any of their other cables I use in my system. Point being the first choice should be the Acoustic Zens with the A Z speakers, seems they were probably voiced with their own speaker cables. Would love to hear how you like your speakers and the system your using them in when you get it all settled in.

Agree with tooblue, as your first choice should be AZ cables, and IMHO, the only choice. The speakers are voiced with AZ cables. Also, they are wired internally with AZ cable, so why not have uniformity from the amp output all the way to each driver in the cabinet.

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Stringreen, previously you have been a proponent of Anti Cables which would fit into oleschool's budget.  Have you had a change of heart?

I use Herron Audio cables throughout my system.  I never feel like I need an upgrade.  Inexpensive and very effective.
I can get a 2 meter pair of tara lab one for 800 .. I spoke to mr lee who was very nice and he offered me a big discount on his cables .. I know alot is hype and become diminishing return in my opinion .. It becomes too much for the middle road guy .. I would like to be in the 500 range new of used . I will probly biwire from my amp to the single post on speakers if getting them made .. My amp is set up for it 
oleschool you are absolutely right about diminishing returns.  So many of us buy too much cable for our components.  You have a nice system - get to know it better with your new speakers and then decide after time what you feel you are missing or would like different.  Because no matter how much you spend on cables most of the time you do not get "better" but "different."  At least marginally - you can get better but the the larger degree of change is just different.  And component, room, cable matching varies greatly from audiophile to audiophile.  You will notice (I have bee guilty myself)  a lot of cables guys swear by have been replaced by new cables they swear by.   

I have been doing this and buying and selling for a long time - this is my strategy.

My feelings exacty pops although i have a nice system "one mans floor is another's ceiling " im new here but i have been into high end audio since 13 and had maggies smg at 16 i sold gear in 88- 93 and have had some pretty serious cj planer setups .. I do believe alot of stuff is hype or keeping up with the jones or i must have the newest yada yada . But i also know how many people looked to me for advice back then because of my constant rotation of gear back then do to testing etc so I respect the guys in it deep and love opinions and advice so thanks to all  .. Sorry for typo using my iphone alot as i said im in the mtns and run my systems off grid on solar 👍Oh yes 

" I will probly biwire from my amp to the single post on speakers if getting them made .. My amp is set up for it "

That is unnecessary, the 2 connections on the amp are just multiple connections on the same output. They are there to use 2 separate cables to a biwire speaker. Spending extra money for this is useless. Use that extra money to just buy a better single connection cable. And again, if you want to get the best sound from your AZ speakers, use AZ cables. Years ago, I tried many cables on a pair of JM Reynaud speakers. Then I just happen to get an opportunity to buy some JM Reynaud cables. Sounded much better than anything I tried, at 1/10 of the price of the most expensive I had used. Never had a desire to change again.

pmotz.....nope...still like anti-cables....they (just today) came out with an even higher level of interconnect. I compared my balanced to many high level cables...Kimber, Audioquest, Nordost, Wireworld Cardas, etc.....they come very close to Wireworld. I heard Paul’s speaker cable (never heard his interconnects) and the speaker cable was better suited to my system, so I got 2 pair of double shotgun and using it for biwire.
ts49.....the poster's idea of double speaker wires may be unnecessary, but may be quite useful....its called Shotgun configuration and will sound better ...I use it with my speakers.
Here is my thoughts if i was getting a great deal used singles i wouldn't hesitate.. Mr lee doesnt do biwire on the adagios he feels it wouldn't benefit from it .. But if i was having cables made ,why wouldnt I utilize the biwire from the amp it makes total sense to me . Easier flow out imo .. Its not much more .. I thought shotgun was double biwire out and into speaker also .. I biamped many speakers over the years ss bottom and tube top .. Opinions? 

Sorry stringreen, he is not talking about a Shotgun configuration, as that would require a biwire connection at the speaker. His speakers have only one set of connections.

oleschool. I am recently retired, but worked 25 years in the high end audio/video industry. I can't begin to count the experiences and conversations I have had with many well respected people in the industry, Nelson Pass and David Wilson being two of them. Also studied electronics in school and did electronics repair in service. I still say a double connection at the amp end is a useless expense, and to just look at it technically, that double connection will not have an easier flow out as you say. There will not be any increase in flow compared to one connection. It will just split going through 2 connections instead of one, and there is less chance of signal degradation with one connection as opposed to multiple connections. Now it's an entirely different scenario with a biwire speaker, but none of those factors are relevant to your situation.

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thanks tls49 i value the insight,and thought it would help .I am very interested in everyones insight .
tis49  You are mistaken....I wasn't talking of bi-wiring (which I do with MY speakers)...but shotgun is using 2 speaker cables from the the amp (either on 1 or 2 outputs) (the same signal is outputing on both) to a single input of the speakers.

Ok, stringreen, Shotgun means two separate runs of wire. Over the years the term has been used quite loosely, and I don’t see the need to beat that dead horse. Unless I am not understanding oleschool correctly, he is talking about having a set of cables made that will be a single cable with one set of connections on the speaker end, and split on the amp end with two sets of connections. In that case, it is useless. Now, if he is talking about two separate runs of cable that are connected together at the speaker end only, then I agree with you that it could sound better, however from a practical sense, he could just get the two runs of cable, and stack the connections at the speaker. But I also agree with the comment made to me by a highly respected amplifier designer, just get a better single cable as opposed to splitting the funds for two cables. As always, ymmv.

Stingreen you are correct , i was saying two legs off my amp into one cable then into my adagio . So another question ? If i wS to buy az mid level say 1.5 meter . Then in a yr or so add another set stacked at spkr would that make a real difference. I was wondering only because it would be possible to go that route because of the time involved . Also audio i do think the tara labs are amazing but i can almost get a brand new set mid level  az comperable from mr lee for the same price he is offering az owners great deals .. I have always wanted tara labs but ... Im leaning az new
Purist Audio Design Poseidon cables is my vote.  Warm, lush, sweet top end, highly detailed throughout, with tight/punchy controlled bass.  Very musical.

oleschool, with Mr Lee offering you a good deal and buying those AZ mid level cables, you could just sell them in a year and buy a better pair from him. Used AZ cables usually sell easily. Tara Labs makes great cables, but you must keep in mind system synergy and AZ cables are the best match for your speakers.

True im leaning toward az at this point ... Its spples and oranges. Or Ferrari vrs lambo really to me its all next level really just what is gonna accent my set up best 
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Im leaning towards a 6' pair of satori spades ,i wonder how big a difference i would see if i added a second set in a yr or so ..i may sell my morros and switch out to the wows and just run all az ...thoughts ?

Purist Audio Design has been making the best cables on earth for over 30 years...

You owe it to yourself to listen to them.  Dollar for dollar they rarely lose a cable shootout.

An another vote for PAD'S + also TARA LABS power cable not bad at all an heaven match with LAMM stuff !!!!!!

Hi Group. . .

I am very, very confused.

First of all, let me state my allegiance to Audiogon.  I will also state that I am a member of the forums on Audioholics.

When I've brought up questions on Audioholics about upgrading my interconnects and speaker cables, I have received nearly 100% feedback from the forum group members stating that the money paid for upgrading interconnects and speaker cables is essentially money wasted and that all I would be hearing is a "placebo" effect, thinking that my system sounded better for the dollars spent on more expensive interconnects and speaker cables, but, gosh, mister, it's all in your head.

I don't know who to believe anymore.  Please help with your experience.

Thank you so very much.


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Don't listen to people or reviews TOO much.  Get your hands on a nicer cable, maybe from a seller that is willing to let you have an in-home demo period.  Play some music you are familiar with a couple of times with your current cables and setup, then play those selection(s) at the same volume, in the same listening session with the new cable you are trying and listen to the changes.  Listen for the soundstage size, transparency, detail, speed during fast successions of notes.  Listen to the separation of notes, say the low bass guitar and the kick/bass drum.  Listen to the percussiveness of everything will sound soft and boring, the other will be punchy.  One will be more smeared, there will be more blare, more harshness, more fatigue, and the other won't.  One will sound more "real" to you.  
And...if you don't hear a difference, that particular cable isn't worth purchasing.  Those who state that you shouldn't spend anything on cables are flat wrong.  Sorry.  I wish it wasn't true, but it is.  Cables are part of the system's sound.
Tritonmark...oh so wrong. Cables make a world of difference. There was talk here of Purist....very lush, great mids but to THESE EARS highly colored...they very well may be great in YOUR system. Cardas in MY system was awful...although recommended by the manufacturer of all my electronics...grainy, stuffy, etc. ...and so it goes. In MY experience, power cords make the most difference, however, I just got new speaker cables which I thought made the least difference, and it really opened up my system...never sounded so good. It may be compatibility, it may be trolls...
Tritonmark -
I used to be a cable-denier. Wire is wire, or so I thought. Don’t listen to me or anyone else as Herndonb has said. Listen to what your ears tell you. Talk to the people at the Cable Co. in New Hope, Pa. They claim to have a "database" that will help them match wire to your specific gear. Borrow some wire (ICs, Speaker Cable, Power Cords etc.) from them. Get what you can afford. Buy it if you like it. Return what doesn’t work. There are an overwhelming number of cable brands out there. No way you can audition all the possible permutations - even staying within a narrow price range. If not liking the Cable Co.’s products, deal with others that will allow an in-home audition. There are lots of high value, affordable options out there. Abandon the delusion that you’ll be able to discover the Platonic Ideal for your exact system or that such even exists! (Oh, heresy!!). Don’t obsess too much. Enjoy the music. Good luck.

tritonmark  ,I firmly believe that cabling makes a difference,subtle and not so subtle. I have spent hours swapping out cables back in the day( i had access to many ).I prefer to think of it this way,depending on your components and there quality there internal wires vary and  are higher grades.In my exerience i noticed the biggest difference between preamp and poweramps,  then components and  then speaker cable .I personnally saw massive changes in the distance of the run ,like a 20ft run will operate or work better with a better cable(try it with cheap speaker chord ) imo .short distance is less noticable, within reason providing you are using a decent wire.10k on a speaker cable?? well ya better have a pair of 75k plus speakers imo .Diffferent cables do sound different and are more lush or warmer then others some are flat.To me the key is what does your setup need to accent it .Is your room bright?speakers? But  isn't the goal to be uncolored, that's what we are shooting  to recreate "The original recording"  just my opinion, i would not shutter to spend 10-15% on cabling of my systems total investment.. more then that i am on the fence ...and remember new cables require burn in to sound at there best.

I second stringreen's comment, I've found power cords to make the largest difference, then, for me, it's a tie between the speaker, interconnect and cables.
Also I second ghosthouse's comment, don't listen to us, reviews, audioholic bloggers, get your hands on a few different cables and listen.  I would not say cables are subtle, but I agree that the speakers are first, and electronics second, but the cables are right there too.  Listen to a few cables with your'll find which one works the best for your system.

I'm with Herndonb - I never fully appreciated the full improvements cables can make until I had installed excellent power cables.

I'd always found good speaker cables provided some benefit, but the interconnects were always marginal.

Then I upgraded my power cables and the whole world changed - now I can hear the difference most all cables make

Power cables would certainly make a change,and so does conditioning the power.Although isnt it really up the the wiring in the house( gauge,grounding etc). and the incoming power? Thats the thing i am understanding more.The condition of the supply electricity.On some level it all matters it becomes overwelming and expensive. My old house had 2 dedicated 20amps straight run into good outlets then a furman. 
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