Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college

Cambridge Audio Evo 75 is probably the top of the range, but maybe a BlueSound Powernode is good enough? Maybe there is something cheaper that fits the bill?

My son is not (yet) an audiophile, so sufficient volume may be the most important, but interested in any thoughts folks have on this topic.


Like Dino and rbertalotto above, I suggest going cheap.  A Fosi BT120A has Bluetooth and ample power output to drive speakers to dorm room levels.  Give him a household chore to complete so he earned it himself.  For speakers, Find a good used pair that fits his room size and musical tastes. 

I'd recommend any of the Edifier powered Bluetooth speakers. I've compared them to the Audioengine speakers and thought the Edifiers sounded much better. https://www.edifier.com/global/product-category/bookshelf-speakers

+1 for Bluetooth speaker. It kind a complicated to build and maintain audiophile environment with in college style of life. I suggest something like Harman Kardon HK SoundSticks 4-2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System. Nice build high quality BT system, pretty universal. Could be used with phone streaming or hardwired with computer, provides deep reach regulated bass. 

OP didn't mention budget, but I am very pleased with Arylic for my "not the main system"  $153 on sale

i have their streamer on a PA system in the garage.  I also have their bluetooth 50W amp driving some Boston Acoustic CR7 on the porch .  The link above is streamer plus amp.  I don't have the latest BT source (iphone) so when I say that  BT sound is just "ok", maybe that is dated.  The 50W amp sounds very good with an ifi DAC on the iphone and its analog inputs.

Streamer + powered speakers, or streaming amp with passives.