Looking for cartridge for VPI traveler

Prefer to keep cost lower than $300. Found the cartridges below in that price range but have no idea if they're good match for tonearm on the traveler. Read somewhere I should be looking for a low compliance, higher damping cartridge for the Traveler tonearm.  

*Ortofon 2m Blue
*Soundsmith Otello
*AT AT440mlb

Are any of the cartridges above a good match? Looking for a clean sound leaning towards warm. 

+1 Nagaoka.
If you like more detail and air, you may prefer the 540ML although the 740 is worth the extra $50 for a metal body.

I've owned the Traveler and have used the 2M Red, Blue, Bronze, and Black with it.  Can't go wrong with any of those, but try for the Bronze or Black if your budget allows.
Why do you want a low compliance cartridge? VPI sold that table with a Grado Gold which is not a low compliance cartridge!
Here is a review!
Thanks for your responses. Based on the above responses and having Klipsch Heresy III speakers, Nagaoka may be the way to go to bring a warmer full body sound for rock music? Does the Nagaoka have good bass and dynamics?

@donvito - just want to make sure I don't buy a cartridge that doesn't go with my tonearm but based on your comment, medium to high compliance is fine.