looking for circa $5k full range towers


I'm looking to move to the next level. Currently my setup include a pair of Usher 6371 towers powered by Jeff Rowland 201 monos in SS and Shanling sp-80 monos in tube.
I have around $5k for new/used full range speakers and i'll appreciate your thoughts.
Dunlavy scIV,scV,or scVI are some of the best full range non electrostatic/planar speakers I have heard;want to try electrostatics or planar types?
I'm powering my Dunlavy-Vs with Rowland 501s. Audiophile friends say it's the best they have ever heard.
I just heard the new AV123 Focus Line Source Speakers the LS6 and LS9. WOW! Talk about full range and dynamics and gorgeous. Might be too big for your room, how big is it? ToneAudio, (online magazine) has a new review of the LS6 and, of course, they will be at the RMAF, since it's a local company.

Actually I thgought about Quad 2905 as one of my options.


my room is rather narrow - it's almost 6 metersX 2.5 meters [ around 19'X 8' ].

what about a used sonus faber cremona or used B&W 802D ?
The Usher 6371's are not full range, at least by what my idea of what full range is.
PSB Synchrony One Tower. $5K/pair. Review here. A good all-rounder. Reasonably sensitive, excellent dynamic range, good detail, uniform dispersion and power response, good frequency extension, and PSBs tend to excel at a realistically portrayed, neutral uncolored midrange. The review concludes:
The last two speakers I reviewed, the Sonus Faber Cremona Elipsa (December 2007) and the KEF Reference 207/2 (February 2008), each cost around $20,000/pair. As much as I was impressed by those highfliers, PSB's Synchrony One reached almost as high for just $4500/pair. Its slightly forward low treble will work better with laid-back amplification and sources, and its warmish midbass region will require that care be taken with room placement and system matching. But when everything is optimally set up, the Synchrony One offers surprisingly deep bass for a relatively small speaker; a neutral, uncolored midrange; smooth, grain-free highs; and superbly stable and accurate stereo imaging....
Second to PSB Synchrony One. I think it deserves the Class A rating. Very neutral and smooth. Solid bass. The best speakers I have owned (owned ProAC, Spendor, Sonus Faber, Vienna Acoustics, Dynaudio, Opera, JM Labs, Thiel before).
If you can find them used I would recommend a pair of Salk HT3. They are the best speaker I have owned or listen to. You can check them out at audiocircle dot com. Great highs, a mid-range to die for and the fastest tightest best that I have personally heard.

As always there are some great suggestions from the people here with a vast amount of experience. I spent about a year looking for the right speaker and you will know the one that is for you when you hear it.

Peace and good luck.
The Merlin VSMs are my favourite speakers, but not sure what you mean by full range. A speaker with even more bass (if that is what you mean by full-range) presence would be a used pair of Vandersteen Quattros. In a room your size, I think the Merlins would do quite a good job of giving you realistic bass.