Looking for Desktop Computer Speakers recommendations

Hi, I've tried a few sets of desktop speakers recently, and each had its own problems.

1. Phanteks Evolv Sound Mini Speakers. They're a bit weak - the specs say 10W total peak. They're ok for me most of the time, but sometimes I want to increase the volume, especially when the audio source from the PC has low volume.

2. Creative T100. They have this annoying "Feature" where they go into standby after some time of no audio input. So when there is sound from the computer, half a second of it is cut off.

3. Razer Nommo Chroma. There's a constant humm coming from the speakers (particularly the left speaker), whether there is sound from the PC or not, which scales with the speakers' volume setting.

So I'm looking for speakers with the following features:

1. Power level which is comparable to the Creative T100, which I believe is about 50W total peak.

2. No annoying standby mode (or at least one which I can toggle off).

3. No humm - I want to hear just what my OS is putting out.

4. Given all the above, smaller physical dimension and footprint on the desktop is preferred.

5. Given all the above, lower price is preferred - but I'm willing to pay for something which really is good and matches my requirements.



Active speakers


KANTO (YU4 or YU6 model







I use the Klipsch Pro Media speakers which also comes with a sub..  Sub is under my desk.  Sounds fantastic, I have used them for years, just bought a second set.  Built in amplification.

+1 on Kanto if small form factor is important. That said, I have Elac UBR62 on my desktop and love them. 

JBL Creature Self Powered Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer White Unused Open Box | eBay

I have had a set of these hooked up to my computer for years. They are not made anymore. While not the best, the sound very good for the price and the satellites are small, so not much room is needed. They have outlasted all the other computer speakers I had used before. I use these to listen to YouTube videos when listening to high end equipment I am interested in, and believe it or not, I have made satisfying purchases based on this, along with research, of course.

I'm using and very happy with the Audioengine A2+ Plus speakers. Compact, very quiet, low distortion and a good $ value.

Gallo Strada speakers are the best desktop speakers I've ever owned.  Not cheap, but in a completely different league from a lot of the standard desktop recommendations.  I bought mine used.