Looking for input on record clamps.

Please share experiences with record clamps, such as, Shun Mook, Harmonix, etc. I am looking at the changes I may experience substituting a Walker clamp on Proscenium TT.

Thanks, Steve
You might want to ask the manufacturer what other clamps they recommend.
(Some tables are not setup for using a really heavy clamp.)

FYI, I use a Basis turntable myself, and really like the Basis clamp.
Siddh, are you asking what clamp would replace the Walker Proscenium factory clamp and sound better on a Walker?

If that's the question the answer is, NONE.

The only clamp I've heard that competes is the Harmonic Resolution Technology damper and the TT Weights SuperClamp Signature 580 Gram.

The TT SuperClamp and Walker are very close to each other with the Walker being better in bass control and TT Weights slightly better on extreme top. TT Weights are sold here at Audiogon and their web site. I think the one I bought was about $130.00 or so. They have one that's newer and more expensive (about $150.00) that I have not heard yet.
Hi All,

Thanks for your input. Albert, have you had the opportunity to audition the Shun Mook or Harmonix? Very, very pricey...justified? Has piqued my interest. With the Walker clamp, did you clamp securely or let the weight itself determine the pressure?

Thanks, steve

I have not had the pleasure of hearing the Shun Mook or Harmonix in my system. I would love to but last I looked you could buy a nice used turntable for what those clamps sell for :^).

With my Walker table and my current Technics I usually pressed down pretty good on the Walker clamp before tightening. That effectively applies several pounds of force to the LP but does not load the bearing more than static weight of the clamp itself.

With the Walker the lead washer that Lloyd suggests is a MUST. With the Technics and other tables it depends on the mat. With the Funk Firm mat the lead washer works. With Micro Seiki CU-180 or TT Weights copper mat the lead washer is a no go (at least on my system).
Hi Siddh, Albert is right on the money. I find many clamps suck and damp the life out of the LP. SOmetimes playing without a clamp sounds better. Try lightly tightening the clamp instead on screwing ot right down and the sound changes. Do not over tighten your clamp. It's just there to break up the resonance.

I have used the clamps you are interested in. Firstly, I consider these among the top performing clamps out there money aside. The Harmonix TU-812 mk2, the Shun Mook and the HRS analog disc. I had all three. Sold the Harmonix and kept the other 2.

All three sound different. The shun mook clamp does something to the music I like. Makes the music have more life in it's presentation. It also brings out the harmonics and decay often missing from the recordings. The Harmonix TU-812 has a heavier overall sound. Sometimes muddy and can be closed in. The HRS is the best value for the $. Nice and open soundstage and the highs are very extended. IMO, it easilly beats out the Harmonix for a fraction of the price.

There are a couple more clamps that I have not tried and are supposed to be good. They are the Callas ebony clamp and the Basis clamp.

Well, I don't have a Walker but do have the clamps. Hope the info helps.
Hi Siddh

I definitely will go for Shun Mook, I borrowed one from my friend, and immediately contacted Shun Mook and ordered one for myself after 10 mins of music. I also had couple hours of experience with the Harmonix clamp, not my cup of tea, too bright and CD soundalike. If you can afford a Walker TT, Shun Mook clamp is only a small investment.
I read a record clamp/damper roundup in Michael Fremer's column a year or two back. As much as he hated to admit it, the $550 Hun Mook ebony vibration damper sounded head and shoulders above the rest he tried.

Doesn't surprise me. Clamps can function different ways. The firm clamps and heavy weights try to flatten the platter while also damping resonances. The Shun Mook isn't a clamp or a weight. it simply sits over the center hole and damps vibrations, evidently to an ideal amount, without overdamping like some weights and tight clamps might.
Hi, the Shun Mook clamp has since gone up in price. It lists for approx $2800 IIRC and there is a waiting period to get these. He only makes a certain number of pieces per year.

Is it worth the money? It's up to you. Turntables can cost $100,000 and high end cables can cost upwards of $20,000/pr so why not this clamp... If you're looking to tweak till the nth degree, this is your ticket.
Hi Gerbie,
Is the clamp on your table yet? If so, what analog set-up and what changes are you experiencing? $2800.00 on an item I have not heard in my system is a bit cavalier for me.

Thanks, Steve
Hi Steve

I have the Shun Mook Clamp on my VPI Aries3 for over a year now. The sound came alive, smooth and rounded compares to previous BDR clamp. However if you want to experience before you invest the money, I would suggest you can try the Mpingo disc. Recently I add 2 more disc on my front wall. I had only one at the top of the wall before, but after spoke to Bill of Shun Mook, he suggested to put one more at the middle and one at the bottom. Immediately the singers are moving at least 2 feet upfront, like he/she is singing in front of you and the bass have authority, not too heavy but your pants can feel it.
ps I think Shun Mook products are more suitable for tubes based environment.
The Sutherland Clamp is a fine piece of manufacturing, looks great and sounds not too bad, enables you to adjust the speed by 0.001 visualized by a red laser to a point you decide when putting the clamp on (eg. the wall behind the table). Having so much features you pay a good price... it is not a heavy one, you may compare it with the latest Harmonix version - also pricewise. I use it on my Naka.