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pre-amp with phono section
Audio by Van Alstine 
Cartridge for SOTA SAPH/SME3009II ?
Not quite the same as yours, but I have a SOTA Nova with SME 309. I really have been pleased running an Ortofon Kontrapunkt B on it. 
Question regarding reputation of SOTA tables
I bought a brand new SOTA Nova about a year ago. It is a GREAT turntable, especially with an SME 309, and I have no desire for change. It's everything I need in a turntable. 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
The Manley Shrimp (or new Jumbo Shrimp) is a highly regarded tube preamp and has a 50 ohm output impedance. 
Compact 7ES-3
Sorry! I didn't mean to try and persuade you to buy Salk speakers. If you are set on Harbeths, go for it! If not totally committed, then perhaps give Jim Salk a call. He will discuss your needs/desires with you and help select an appropriate speak... 
Compact 7ES-3
I had a pair of Compact 7ES-3's. They are indeed nice speakers, but ultimately I found them lacking in the dynamics department. I admit that I am a rocker, however, and perhaps with other genres they may be ideal. I used them with both a McIntosh ... 
Looking for input on record clamps.
Ditto... SOTA Reflex is a really nice clamp. 
Well Rounded Speakers $2500-$3000?
I'll second the suggestion for Salk SongTowers. I've got a pair with the optional ribbon tweeters (right in the middle of your price range) and they are incredible sounding with all sorts of music. I listen primarily to classic rock like Led Zeppe... 
Dedicated phono-pre for MM only?
I have both the Reflex and the Elevator. I first used the Reflex alone with an Ortofon 2M Black. It sounded great! Then, I added the Elevator and Ortofon Kontrapunkt B. This is an outstanding setup and is highly detailed and refined sounding. To m... 
Phono PreAmp with less than a 12" x 15" footprint
Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex 
Phonostage Question
I am totally pleased with the Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex solid state unit I own. Highly recommended! 
Interconnects for Rotel amp/prepro
Thumbs up for Blue Jeans LC-1. Nice cables and great company to deal with. 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
I've got a pair of Salk Songtower RT's (QWT two-way floorstanders) currently that I am quite happy with. But I have to admit... this thread has me really interested in the current Ohm speaker lineup! I may buy a pair of 100's to see how they diffe... 
LOMC... phono stage okay, but which cart?
Thanks for the Lyra recommendation. But, my arm is an OL Encounter Mk.III, which has bearings that are not fixed (they are 'needles' that 'float' in cups). The Lyra website indicates that the cartridges perform best in 'fixed' pivot tonearms, othe... 
LOMC... phono stage okay, but which cart?
Johnbrown, thanks for your recommendation! What do you mean by the 17D3 sounding "hotter"? Do you mean brighter, more dynamic, or what? I don't want an overly bright cartridge, but lots of dynamic capability would be great. As I stated, my main li...