Looking for input on record clamps.

Please share experiences with record clamps, such as, Shun Mook, Harmonix, etc. I am looking at the changes I may experience substituting a Walker clamp on Proscenium TT.

Thanks, Steve
You might want to ask the manufacturer what other clamps they recommend.
(Some tables are not setup for using a really heavy clamp.)

FYI, I use a Basis turntable myself, and really like the Basis clamp.
Siddh, are you asking what clamp would replace the Walker Proscenium factory clamp and sound better on a Walker?

If that's the question the answer is, NONE.

The only clamp I've heard that competes is the Harmonic Resolution Technology damper and the TT Weights SuperClamp Signature 580 Gram.

The TT SuperClamp and Walker are very close to each other with the Walker being better in bass control and TT Weights slightly better on extreme top. TT Weights are sold here at Audiogon and their web site. I think the one I bought was about $130.00 or so. They have one that's newer and more expensive (about $150.00) that I have not heard yet.