Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage

I love the sound of my tube amps, but I need an amp powered on all day every day (like 16 hours per day) for my nearfield desktop setup with JBL 4309 speakers (using directstream mk1 dac).

I have tried a Schiit Aegir and a Schiit Ragnarok, but didn’t like either compared to my cheap tube amp and expensive tube amp. They just seemed boring and dead to me.

So I’m looking for suggestions on a beautiful sounding solid state integrated amp that sounds big and engaging as much like a tube amp as possible, if one even exists. I don’t want a tube preamp with a solid state amp.

I listen to a lot of music types from classical to jazz to classic rock.

I’d like to keep the price under $3k if possible, used is great. I’ve heard Accuphase and Luxman are really good, but price seems to be more than $5k for those.


Hegel H190. What was recently a $4k ($4,325 during COVID) integrated is now $2,800 since Hegel introduced an upgraded version that just added MM phono stage. It's magical and this is a heck of a deal. Former amp (still have) is my beloved PrimaLuna Evo 100 integrated ... the Hegel is better. Check it out.


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Look into Musical Fidelity


Ha! I picked up an old SS integrated some years back for running my main speakers in “background” mode to conserve power tube life. The SS does well enough in its role that I don’t use my tube amps (KT66 and KT88) anymore unless a visitor really wants to hear them.

The SS is a Musical Fidelity 3.5.