Looking for Klimo distributor or contact information

Does anyone know if Klimo is still in business, if they have an US or North American distributor, or contact information.  I could find nothing on their website.  I am looking for someone who might be able to repair their pre-amp and power amp (all tube stuff).
You might want to check with Hart at Audio Advancements. I'm pretty sure that he was once the importer of Klimo is the U.S.

 I did contact Mr Hart at Audio Advancements and learned that Klimo, the engineer for the company has retired and he has sold the company to an Italian manufacturer but they are not imported into the US.  Thus their products are no longer available here.

Hart was very interesting fellow to talk to, very knowledgeable.

Thank you for the tip.

We can probably sort them out if you need repairs.

Hart used to be a dealer of ours- good guy!