Looking for Linear Power Supply for my Mytek Brooklyn DAC. Suggestions?

I am aware of the SBooster at 400 dollars. Any recommendations?
It's not that switching supplies are necessarily bad, it's that they are not always designed with an eye to keeping noise out of the AC line.

A good switching supply can offer stellar output. 

For the currents and voltages we are talking about in the Mytek though, a linear supply is a great choice.
When I was in Engineering school, my professors told us that every dollar added to a design created ten times that cost in retail price.

And this is why speaker kits can be so cost effective... but I digress.
The IFI power  is a perfect solution for a switch or router. But not for your mytek! Even compared to the internal psu it hasn,t the current or ampere. If you like a Sps in stead of Lps take the SotM sps500. Fine upgrade for you Brooklyn; But the Farad3 or Teddy Pardo,s are the better choices..
I use the SBooster with my DAC+.  I think it made a nice improvement.  Deeper, tighter bass, wider sound stage and more silence between the notes.  It's a refinement and not a night and day difference.
Anyone ran the Mytek Brooklyn on just batteries. Maybe buying 2.. keeping one charging in the Garage? Are there batteries that are recommended for just this purpose? Anyone guess how long a charge would last?