looking for older Infinity speakers

I am looking for an older pair of Infinity Quantum speakers with the first generation of Emit tweeter. Like the Qa,Qb, Qjr and so on. I would like to at least find a pair of Quantum Jr's or a better model, please email me with any info thanks AirZoneAir@aol.com
The Quantum Reference Standard came out in approxmately '76 and was the first (to the best of my knowledge) to use the EMIT tweeter. They were (I think) a 4 way system @ $1200 new.
I thought they sounded familiar. I was drooling over those infinity speakers while stationed in Germany back in the mid to late 70's. My wife and I ended up settling on a pair of Bose 901's. What a compromise that was... couldn't afford the infinity's on an E-3's monthly salary, in those sparse years. I have recently upgraded to a pair of Legacy Focus and in the process of selling a pair of original Kappa 8's. Would like to find a buyer for these.
I have the Infinity Qb's in my garage system. Not going to give them up though. They just lost their place in my livingroom to a set of Sonus Faber Concerto. They were the last survivors of the system I put together in late 70's "just for high school"
I have ancient Qe with the emits that i inherited from my dad and understand your search, as they still sound relly good, but no they are not for sale, good luck though.
I have a pair of Infinity 2000A's in my shop, in the cases, in working order. They are Oiled Walnut finish and I honestly don't believe there is a mark on them. I used them consistently, until about a year ago. As I stated they are in working condition, they do require at least 50 WPC to get the best out of them. If you are interested, please EMail for further information. Regards, Ted Tedmitz@aol.com