Looking for opinions from Enzo XL owners

Hi all,

I have a modest tube amplified system in my home office (full time WFH) with a Bob Latino St-70 [35 watts] and Marantz 7T preamp. The room is about 12’x14’ with 8 foot ceilings. So fairly small.

I have the floor space to accommodate largish floorstanders but am limited on position and do not have the space for subwoofers. This system is used for background music at low to moderate volume since I need to focus on work, but music does help me get through the day.

I have a pair of pendragons on order, but am second guessing their visual impact in this space. I know their physical size will dominate. My goal is to maintain a full sound while playing at lower volumes. I cannot stand thin, lightweight, sound. 

The Enzo XL would fit better in the room, and I realize they use many of the same components as the Pendragons, but wonder about their ability to produce lower frequencies at lower volume with their smaller cabinets. I’d welcome any real world experience owners have in this regard. I’ve read the Stereophile review, but tend to rely on actual owner experience. Thanks!