Looking for professional made gainclones or chip amps recommendations

I just sold my single-ended triode amp and am looking for a (near) sonic equivalent in the 50w + range.  I had the Audiosector integrated and a DIY gainclone and both had the qualities I am looking for (detail & transparency) though both fell a little short.  I'm looking for pro made amps in this vein.  The Audiozone amps look interesting from a few yrs back as well as the Clones Audio.  Any others I should look for?  And I'm sure Class D has made leaps and bounds since my last experience with the PS Audio HCA 2 and Wyred4Sound ST 500 but I'm probably not looking for Class D recommendations.  Thanks in advance!

The only tube-like solid-state device that works in the direction you are asking for, is the First Watt SIT amps and the Sony V-Fet. the V-Fets are not available in a ’pure’ device that maintains their qualities from input to output.
One CAN be built, but it requires a full design cycle based upon used V-fets being obtained. A totally custom full scale development, for used scarce items - with no future. So far.

There is no other device or design of any other solid state gear...which can do the same, but be ’solid state’. No matter what anyone else argues. They’d be horribly misinformed or unaware of what they speak of if they argue against this post.

The best sounding gain devices in the world are linear gain. The triode tube is linear gain and is TRULY a quantum device, to boot. the only linear gain solid state devices in the world, are the SIT, and the V-fet.

the rest, and I do mean ALL of it, no exceptions, no mincing of words no combination of parts or qualities or topology... every last stinking bit of it....is just non linear gain odd order harmonic distortion devices.

One gets used to it like walking around with permanent pain and a bit of a limp. We witness all other people doing the same, so we think it is the norm, the reality itself. Not.

The vast number of us, +99.99%, use non linear solid state device based audio and don’t understand the difference between our backsides and a hole in the ground ....when it comes to what is so special, right and true... about a linear gain solid state device. (or a linear gain tube)

We are ignorant, to almost the last person.
teo audio---thanks for taking the time to respond.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if you're assertion isn't correct.  It sounds reasonable and you obviously more to draw upon than I do in experience and knowledge but I'd be content with an excellent gainclone/chipamp or two.  The JAS Array with premium tubes was the best sound I've had but I don't want the hassle/heat/expense and find that the gainclones I've tried weren't too far off the mark.  Yes, it would be settling, a compromise, but one that wouldn't burden me too much and an easy one to live with.  Thanks though for the info.  One can never be too well informed.
Clones Audio is coming out with the 25iRX and Srajan has this pre review teaser online: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/clones/

In it he mentions the Moonriver 404 and AkitiaK gt-102 as the only other gain clones out there.

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Gainclones have been developed a fair bit since the audiosector designs were developed... although Peter Daniel's Patek was a great looking piece of kit. For the best possible quality it's worth checking out Neurochrome and specifically the Modulus amplifiers. They can be bought as pre-assembled pcbs but there will be an element of DIY to get them into a box with appropriate heat sinking and power supplies.
It's good to hear there's still an interest in these as I've been working on a composite amplifier monoblock design but only for sale in the UK at the moment.
Nonoise-----I looked at the Clonesaudio website and was dismayed to see no amps available.  It would be great if they were making new amps.  And the Moonriver 404 looks interesting but honestly, overkill for my tastes.  I haven't used a preamp in decades and always go source direct but still, interesting stuff!  Thanks for the info.
Pragmasi----I might seek a stateside amp builder but, if you would ship to the US and build for 110v, please let me know.  Thank you.
@lcherepkai , the new 25iRX has yet to be announced. They're finalizing production. A new one is coming. Maybe contacting FunJoe personally will get you more info.

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Sorry... misunderstanding, I was suggesting you take a look at https://neurochrome.com/, Tom is based in Canada and ships to the US.
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I did an extensive in-home demo of the Moonriver 404 reference (mentioned above) and it's a very nice amp. Plenty of rich meat on the bones plus BURSTING dynamics. Joy to listen to.