Looking for recommendations

I have Revel F228Be speakers, NAD M22 amplifier on low frequencies and a YBA Integre DT amplifier on high frequencies. DAC is a Benchmark DAC2 HGC and the streamer is a Bluesound Node 2i. 

I am looking to upgrade the streamer OR sell the Node 2i and DAC2 and replace it with a combined streamer/DAC unit.
I currently use the DAC2 as a preamp.

I've been reading reviews and past discussions on the Lumin U1 Mini,  Aurender G1, also on the  NAD 658,  Teac NT 505,  Cambridge XLN V2,  and Lumin D2. Others for consideration?

My budget is $2,000 for streamer only or $3,000 for streamer/DAC.

Please help with your thoughts and recommendations on which way to go and why? Thanks!
You may want to consider Gold Note's DS-10. It's a DAC/Roon ready streamer (ethernet and wifi)/preamp/headphone amp and is a good fit for your budget. Comes in your choice of silver, black, or gold (champagne) finishes and has an upgrade path to an external power supply should you decide you want it.

Here's a review in Mono & Stereo and another in Positive Feedback.

disclaimer: I'm a Gold Note dealer
The Benchmark you're using has enough outputs for two amps. Not sure how you have it connected are you using RCA to connect both amps? The NAD C658 and Teac only have one set of balanced XLR and one unbalanced RCA something you need to consider. 

I will take a look at the Gold Note DS-10.

Good point djones51 on the bi-amp limitations. BTW, the NAD is connected with XLRs and the YBA with RCAs.

For streamer only solution take a look at the various products offered by Sonore -- ultraRendu, opticalRendu or microRendu. I purchased the opticalRendu instead of a streamer+DAC combo not too long ago. The improvement in sound quality over the Node 2i was noticeable.
I would look at the miniDsp SHO. It has 4 XLR outputs for your amps, Dirac to help integrate them and provide room correction if needed, good DAC, streamer and  comes in under your budget at $1200.
I had the miniDsp SHD Studio running into a Benchmark DAC since the studio doesn't have a DAC. So it's not an apples to apples comparison but I found the Dirac very helpful with their room correction. Here's a review and measurement of the SHD.

Thank-you, this might be better (and cheaper) for me since I have the Benchmark DAC2 already.
If you use your DAC you could look at the SHD Studio. It has Dirac as well. 
Yes, I just watched an excellent video by Hans Beekhuyzen on this product. Very compelling indeed and at an attractive price. However, I don't see a 12V power supply included or an option for purchase.
The NAIM nd5xs2 is slightly above the 3k level for a streamer/Dac and gets very highly rated. I have one of those in one system and a benchmark dac3hgc in another, and for the ease of use with an all in one and their app, I prefer the NAIM. 
Speedbump6, Thanks for the input. Is there a difference in SQ between the two set-ups or just convenience?