Looking for some opinions on some digital components my dealer recommends

My dealer recommends that I buy this: 

Torus Power TOT MAX Ultra compact toroidal isolation power conditioner, 15A It sounds like something that would be good, its not cheap so I would like to know if anyone is familiar with this and can offer any opinions

He also recommended I buy this: 

Ashly 3.6SPvProtea DSP Loudspeaker System Processor 3-In x 6-Out with USB

I really don't understand the Ashly at all and I told him that I don't need it. Does anyone know what this does and if it would be beneficial to a home system? Thanks Bob

DSP is malarkey. If quality sound was so easy everyone would be doing it.  

Torus is toroidal which is a type of transformer. They do work, it is a proven method, and as with most things parts quality is what matters and hopefully what you are paying for. Decware makes one which because sold direct will probably be much higher quality for the price. This usually is the case with manufacturers selling direct.  https://www.decware.com/newsite/ZLC.html
I've been a Torus Power dealer for a while now.  In my opinion, the TOT Max is one of the best values in power conditioners available today.  It's really a nice unit (I use them in my main demo room).If you are also worried about surge protection, be sure to have your dealer add the SMSS option to the Max you order.

Power conditioners could help if you have a problem. I use a Panamax for the additional outlets and surge protection but it has no affect on sound quality. I have no idea why the Ashly was recommended unless you're doing live sound or a venue like a Church. Is this for home theater? There isn't a system around that wouldn't be improved with DSP but for stereo there are better options. Anyone who thinks DSP doesn't help is very inexperienced. 
I agree 100% with @djones51 on the power conditioners. Not real familiar with this Ashly.
Thanks for the comments. I feel good now about ordering the TOT Max. I will ask my dealer if he thinks I need the SMSS 
The Ashly would be for my home setup. I think he said the Ashly would be good for setting up the two Paradigm SW1000 subs in my system. I think he said its expensive to set up the Ashly so I would rather spend the money on possibly a Lumin T2 but not sure about that either
Yes it does come with a microphone to run ARC but he wants to start with ARC and then use something else. The Ashly would be separate from that for the bass but I have decided already after reading some of the posts that it is not necessary for my system
@goldprintaudio Thanks for your comment. I ordered the Torus Tot Max with the surge protection