Looking for speaker owners in Dallas / Ft. Worth

No local dealers but was hoping to find a kind soul who owns any of the folllowing to perhaps accomodate an audition at their convenience. Would be glad to host reciprocal listening at my place if any interest.

Avalon Eidolon or Opus
Tyler Linbrook Sig or Woodmere
Silverline Sonata I, II, or III

Thanks in advance if you can help at all please drop me an email!
If you were not aware maybe check Tyler's website for owners in your area, they have a demo agreement with Ty.
If your interested in Dali Megalines, Kharma Exquisite, Maggie 20.1, Vandersteen model 5 and other high end speakers send me an email. We have a nice audio group in Dallas and possible you would get along with us.

If you happened to find any silverline speaker owners, do you mind letting me know. I am also interested in auditioning silverline if any kind owners allow me to.

Thanks Albert, I think I know a couple of the guys in your group over there. I'll drop you a note and catch up with you.

Thanks Chad, I checked that, no one listed local to me with Tyler's. Mike - I'll keep you posted. If enough people are interested in Silverline, maybe they or one of their dealers would oblige a demo pair for DFW.