Looking for Speaker Recommendations


I am getting a new system and am looking for speaker recommendations. I will have a ma8950 and will, at least initially, be streaming exclusively. Focal and B & W are too bright and fatiguing. Wilson SabrinaX are good except for the price. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Audio Solutions Figaro M - wonderful speaker. I used a pair while I was waiting for my Wolf Von Langa SON. The figaro m were never fatigueing - very articulate and wonderful to look at. 

Stick to Wilson, buy something used from a dealer. Nothing compares to Wilson. Sonus Faber is very veiled, I can not enjoy them. It feels like you listen behind a curtain. There are many fans of Sonus Faber Amator, I never had a chance to listen. I love Alta Audio speaker, excellent sound, great clarity and sound stage. They are great for jazz music. I agree with you, focal and B&W are too bright, they cause ear fatigue after 30 min. Stay away from Magnepans and similar variety, to complicated to deal with them. Space, size and positioning is a big deal. Good luck. 

Just acquired a pair Focal Kant II’s

If placed properly in a treated room

my results are not bright

Now they are $11,000 new and you can pick up 

a preowned pair $6,000 or below 

They are superb and balanced and 

even coming from Monitor Audio bright 

these aren’t bright

Good luck WillyT