Looking to get some speakers refinished in NYC....

Does anyone know of a good place to get speaker cabinets refinished in or around NYC? How much does something like that cost? Thanks.
I can do it for you. Cost depends on amount of work / cabinet size etc..email me...Lou
Do it yourself and save the possibility of getting it smashed in shipping.Its not that hard to do...I have done many peices...
Does anyone have any instructions or know of any websites with any instructions on how to do it? They are Audio Physic Virgo II's.
1. First, you need to "sand out" the current finish.

2. Buy some good veneer. You can get some cheap but good looking from Ebay.

3. Glue veneer to cabinet.

4. Use either lacquer or shellac for finish.

Of course it's not that simple but let me know if you want to follow the "do it yourself" path. You don't have to invest on much equipment. I am into diy speaker so have done finish on three pairs of speakers myself.
I'm sorry, but what is Fromby's web site exactly? I am absolutely ignorant when it comes to any kind of wood work.
Actually you can go to any hardware store ( home depot )and ask Formby's furniture refinishing. They will point you to there product.It comes with all the brochures/info you'll need to get started. Its very simple. It'll will tell you how to figure out what finish you currently have and how to remove.Once removed its very simple.Just pick out the color stain and you carefully apply.After staining is complete and dry ,its your choice for protective finish.The hand rub Poly ( Minwax brand ) works wonderfull and it'll has a great look ,with hard to beat protection...You can also just use a hand rubbed oil too...Once you get the literature it'll will have a web site address on it for a picture illustration step-by step. Feel free to e-mail if you need more info.......www.formbys.com