Looking to simplify

At present have a Conrad-Johnson Premier 16 series II preamp, am very happy with it but am wondering about something new and different, though still tube oriented.
My wants are pretty simple, 2 pre outs, at least one line for a CD player and two others for auxiliary, one for a phono use.
Not looking for anything for home theatre or computer usage.
Let the suggestions fly.
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Why not simplify with a high quality integrated?
The choices are endless, but check out Luxman, LFD, Lavardin or PrimaLuna/Mystere.
I second the suggestion that you consider a high quality integrated. What speakers are you using?
At present my speakers are Legacy Focus 20/20's but that may change, not sure yet.
CJ's are like fine wine... better with age. You might end up in utter disappointment. I would keep what you have, unless of course there is a 'space' problem now. The idea of an 'integrated' is a good one. I know it isn't new, but you might consider an old Mac 5100 if tubes are a must. Very sweet sounding integrated, and Mac still services them.
Nothing like owning and enjoying a 'classic'.

What is missing in the sound reproduction quality of your current setup? That is the most important question I believe. If something is missing or you find yourself not sitting for very long or something is driving you out of the room, then you have a problem and should investigate upgrading. If the sound is wonderful and you find yourself not wanting to leave, then why change?

Minorl, The sound is very nice, no problem. It is more a question of why have a ferrari when a BMW 3 series will do. The CJ has so many more capabilities than I use, so my thought was, what would be comparable with what I actually need or want and would be simpler in design?

Normansizemore, have heard Mac's for a long time and while to my ear they are fine they do not provide the magic. That is not meant to be a criticism just MY observation. You are very right, though, it is the disappointment that I seek to avoid.
I want to thank everyone for their contributions. My post should have been more concise. It is a simpler preamp that is sought. Having a pair of monoblock amps, Wyetech 211 M's, I am not looking to exchange out of them. Keep the posts coming.