Loose ends for my system...

I have spent most of my time narrowing down my system components:

B&W PM1's
JL Sub
Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated

What I need now are to tie off the "loose ends" to my system. I have heard and agree with nice speaker cables, but this is the first I have even thought about power cords. Can you guys make some suggestions for cables for the following:

PM1: speaker cables (I have priced Analysis Plus Silver Oval)

Roksan Caspian: power cord?

DAC (dont have one picked out yet, open to suggestions)

Old Rotel CD Player: Power cable

I have all of my music on my iPod and iPad, so I am researching how its best to get that music to my system. But I think that's a post for the digital forum.

Thanks for your help!
1. Silver Oval's perhaps will be more pricey than your speakers. Unterminated Oval 12 is cheap and great cable. I remember purchasing remaining bulk of 10' from them directly for $75 that made me 2x5' runs.

2. You can get power cord from the local dealer that would give you a try to listen. Ask dealer to make blind A/B for you before you make any decision. Most of power cord decision don't bring any improvements unless your stock one looks bad visually

3. Most who chose modern DAC choices such as Antelope Zodiac, Mytek 192, Grace M903, Lynx models never regret and very happy. They will do an excellent job with iPod and iPad.