Loud and Live

I had some friends over last weekend (old highschool friends) and they wanted me to rock out with something loud and live. My choice was; Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live at the Creek, #4, What Is And What Sould Never Be. I know we're old farts but would love to here what other audiogoners would chose.
Does anyone else think The Who Live at Leads has great imaging?

My current favorite live rocker is Derick and the Dominoes Live at Filmore.
Since you mentioned it;

Rammstein - Live aus Berlin -98
Iron Maiden- Live After Death
Deep Purple- Made In Japan
Ac/Dc- Live
That night "Chappo" and his band were in splendid shape. They rocked, or rather R&B'd, everybody to full satisfaction. And his version of "Let's spend the night together" makes the original one of the really old farts aka the Stones sound lame, tame, and dull, in my opinion.
The sound quality is not the very best, and I have no idea how to dance to Chapman's own pieces, but the raw power and the atmosphere should make anyone jump up and move, e.g. "Midnight Child" and "Who pulled the nite down". Move your furniture out of the way, warn the neighbours, enjoy!
I find most live recordings do not live up to the studio versions, but I do enjoy the following live.
Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler
Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well
REO Speedwagon