Loud and Live

I had some friends over last weekend (old highschool friends) and they wanted me to rock out with something loud and live. My choice was; Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live at the Creek, #4, What Is And What Sould Never Be. I know we're old farts but would love to here what other audiogoners would chose.
When you said "loud & live", i instantly thought of "If You Want Blood" by AC/DC. I remember listening to this when it first came out. It jammed then and it still jams now : ) Sean

PS... I have to admit that i HIGHLY prefer Bon Scott over Brian Johnson when it comes to vocalists with this band.
Kiss Alive First hardrock album I ever bought and still love it
Ozzy Speak of the Devil Pure energy. Turned me on to his Sabbath days
Ozzy/Randy Tribute. Randy live was incredible
Zep The Song remains the Same
AC/DC If you want blood. Love "The Jack"
Rage Against The Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles

Project Wyze: Misfits, Strangers, Liars, Friends

Metallica: The Black Album, And Justice For All
The Who "Live at Leeds" remastered. It's a time machine back to the late 60's and one of the best live acts from that era. Focus in on Keith and John and you will ask yourself, How'd they do that? The people next door are asking the same question...lol
George Thorogood and the Destroyers have a "live" CD that is dyno-supreme. I think it was from a performance in Atlanta or St. Louis. GT and band ROCK, and their music is sort of a through back to the best of 50s-60s R&R. If GT is a dinosaur, he's a T-REX, IMO. "The Anthology", a 2 CD set, also ROCKS and is LOUD. Great music and no weak tracks on this set. Cheers. Craig
I always turn to Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Animal. The great twin guitars leading off. What a great album!!
Aside from most classic live recordings sounding somewhat inferior by todays recording standards, my faves are:

Thin Lizzy -Live and Dangerous
Scorpions -Tokyo Tapes
Pat Travers -Go for What you Know

I typically prefer digital but for old live recordings, it's got to be vinyl...
Many good ones have been mentioned. Also try:
Little Feat "Waiting for Columbus"
J. Geils Band "Full House"
Peter Frampton "Frampton Comes Alive"
Yes "Yessongs"
Emerson Lake and Palmer "Works"
Not exactly rock but:
Commander Cody "Live From the Armadillo Headquarters"
Rainbow Live! This is the one recorded in Germany. This is one of the best line-ups, and best no holds barred Rock and Roll albums of all time. Ronnie James Dio has a voice the size of Texas inspite of his diminutive size. Cozy Powell must have beat his way through several drum kits. Tony Carey is a wizard on the keyboards. Ritchie Blackmore was at a creative pinnacle he has not equaled before or since. Only Jimmy Bain on the bass was average.
If you want to rock spin this disc!!! Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC DC, and any of the pretenders fall short of this outing.
Many bands have put out good LPs, few if any have equaled this one.
King Crimson - USA
Velvet Undergound - live 1969
The Who - Live at the Isle of Wight 1970
Genesis - Live (the old blue one, with Gabriel)


Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison (talk about playing to an audience, instead of a record company!)
Humble Pie...Performance at the Fillmore...Cheap Trick live at Budokan...AC/DC live at Atlantic Studios...Judas Priest also has a killer live album(title escapes me)...Ramones..Its Alive...Queen: LIve Killers...WHO live at LEEDS...
Page and the Crowes was an excellent choice. You might follow it up with the Led Zep BBC Sessions. Loud, live, raw, and an excellent example of why they call guitars "axes."
Great responses, forgot about some these old live classics and discovered some new ones. Can't wait to try out some of these the next time me and my old buds get together again.
Queen 's album The Game ---- Dragon Attack.
This song has a great drum display.
Billy Squiers - Stroke Me - there is a live version!
Cum On feel the Noise - Quiet Riot
Train kept Rollin' (all night long) - Aerosmith (great cover of this)
Police - Next to you
Boston - Foreplay/Long time
Queen - Live at Wembley - this is an amazing album
Takin' Care of Business/ Four Wheel Drive - BTO

also try ACDC's live stuff TNT, Back in Black..
Fleetwood Mac - "The Boston Tea Party Live - Vol 1"
Recorded early January, 1970, and was the "guy" version band with Peter Green. Excellent live sound, a recording that captures very well the sense of being at the concert.
Does anyone else think The Who Live at Leads has great imaging?

My current favorite live rocker is Derick and the Dominoes Live at Filmore.
Since you mentioned it;

Rammstein - Live aus Berlin -98
Iron Maiden- Live After Death
Deep Purple- Made In Japan
Ac/Dc- Live
That night "Chappo" and his band were in splendid shape. They rocked, or rather R&B'd, everybody to full satisfaction. And his version of "Let's spend the night together" makes the original one of the really old farts aka the Stones sound lame, tame, and dull, in my opinion.
The sound quality is not the very best, and I have no idea how to dance to Chapman's own pieces, but the raw power and the atmosphere should make anyone jump up and move, e.g. "Midnight Child" and "Who pulled the nite down". Move your furniture out of the way, warn the neighbours, enjoy!
I find most live recordings do not live up to the studio versions, but I do enjoy the following live.
Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler
Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well
REO Speedwagon
Two that I think capture the excitement and are louder the better:

Bob Marley and the Wailers - Babylon by Bus
Rare Earth - In Concert
"Live at the Half Note" -Coltrane '65 with the classic quartet. Probably the best 'Afro Blue' solos in his career.