Loudest Sound Ever?

I really like this guy's YouTube channel and I thought several (maybe a few?) of
you guys would enjoy wasting(?) six minutes...


Actually does a good job of quickly explaining SPL. 
Its 10 o'clock...do you know what your SPL is?

The loudest possible sound in air is 194dB.  Anything more energetic stops producing sound and becomes a shockwave.
Ditto on the top fuel dragsters

Words do not do this justice and is something that one must truly experience to comprehend the full impact

This is sound you can feel in your bones or on the soles of your feet coming up through the pavement when walking

If your seats are within 50 yards of the burnout area and start line, at the end of the day your skin and cloths will look like they've been sprinkled with fine pepper but it's just the accumulation of rubber from the tires throughout the day that you don't notice floating through the air

It's fun to watch someone's reaction when you know it's the first time they will experience two top fuelers step on the throttle at the same time
My son and I would go to Englishtown Raceway Park for the drags every year, we would go on Friday for qualifying, very few fans, drivers and mechs very accessible.

One our first trip we went directly to the pits and watched a top fuel team prep the car.  We were only 3 feet off the rear tires (no ropes on Friday)
and they started that bitch up, my 12 year old son is grinning ear to ear...then the mech nails the throttle and it knocked him to his knees.

We jumped back and got upwind because the nitro burns the crap out of you eyes and lungs.  Could barely see for a few minutes. 

Sadly Raceway Park is no longer.