Beach Boys Pet Sounds by Analogue Productions

OK, so I was banned from the S. Hoffman site for saying I had a sibilance on my mono copy of AP Pet Sounds.  I described that it had very lush mids and strong bass but was confused by the sibilance.  So, I made a post asking people if there may be a problem with playback of mono through my stereo setup and...mentioned Pet Sounds! (had no idea there was a psycho lurking).  I also asked if anyone else had been experiencing this because I wasn't getting it on other LPs.   Long story short, after a couple of informative responses from normal people, Hoffman makes a very angry post that completely trashes me and hurls some generic insults.  I gave it back to him because it was just so infantile of a response that I couldn't resist.  I just instantly lost respect I guess.  After a few back and forths, I sent a personal message asking that my account be deleted.  Instead he banned me, and of course the thread was deleted, just like every other thread about Pet Sounds with any real content.  Even though I'm banned, it looks like I'm still listed as an active member, I assume so that it's not obvious to other members that he got mad and banned someone for not praising his work.  Unbelievable.  

Long story short, the responses I got before the host got involved were positive, stating that others were not experiencing the sibilance that I was.  What was weirder was that I had already stated that I was thinking that it was either my system or unique to the LP I received.  Anyway, I was hoping it was safe to talk about this LP here...or does he control this site too?   Hope not!
Beware SH is omnipresent. Just kidding but he does seem to have a thin skin involving criticism of his work.I vaguely remember someone bragging on this forum "Banned from Steve Hoffman". It only made me think of the old retort,I've been thrown out of better places then this!
Hey, you were warned!
And well, I hate to tell you this, but you’ve now been banned from Audiogon!

Please do not post here again, ever!

If you do, well, there is not much I can do about it, but I will sit in the corner and hold my breath until I turn blue and pass out!!!
(That’ll fix you!!!)


Steve Hoffman AKA SIR Steve Hoffman

That was good, I read the first part in my email and believed it!  Thanks for not being crazy people
The credibility of either Hoffman or whoever else at DCC claimed he/they "Remastered From The Original Master Tapes" when such was clearly impossible has been called into question numerous times. The Band's second album, for instance; the tapes have been missing for years.
The Mono Beach boys album in which you speak sounds so lush in my system. I would suggest you check your tonearm settings,make sure your turntable is level. I had this happen to me and it turned out to be my anti skating setting. I only mention this because you have stated  it is happening on other recordings.
I check level of my TT every session and i usually increase my anti skate when I put on 180-200 gram albums. I'm only hearing it on this lp. I just listened to several thick albums (Dylan MFSL with harp and backup singers) and all is as it should be.  I think I got one of the lsst albums from the first batch since it's gone into repressing recently.  I still think mine is a dud somehow though.  Its very sibilant.  Did they do a hi res for this?  That's a good thing about hi res since each repressing can be same as first.
The  bass is distorted and sounds like its going to collapse my speakers on God Only Knows.  It's perfect on I Know There's An Answer and things get better in from outside.  I know what you might say but that is the opposite of what I usually experience
I'm a pretty regular participant there, but didn't see your thread. I'm not a huge Pet Sounds fanatic (I know some people regard it as a pinnacle album) and have that old Carl and the Passions twofer.
As for Steve and being banned, I know that if you argue with a mod, let alone Steve over a warning, you will get banned. Whether that applied in your case, I have no idea. 
Yes, I knew I was going to get banned but that's me.  I'm sickened seeing people kiss butt to moderators/dealers, etc. over their real opinions and that happens on pretty much all forums. I'm in same boat in that I'm not familar with the recording as much as others.  The problem was that I had a perhaps naive, but very real question about an audio recording but forgot that Stevie Hoffman was the engineer and that he was very sensitive.

 I'm listening to it now and it's all over the place and it's not audiophile in most places.  I DO understand though that it is prob the best version available.  I have a friend who explained that the original recording kind of sucks.  That is,the kind of info I needed!
Do not feel bad- jokerman1226

the SH forums is operated by communists. Once, one figures this fact out, it is not difficult to understand the rest. Yes, one gets banned for any disagreement. This, very clearly, is a violation against our 1st Amendment Rights!
Yes, one gets banned for any disagreement. This, very clearly, is a violation against our 1st Amendment Rights!

What you describe is very clearly not even remotely a First Amendment violation. Sorry, but you need to read the Bill of Rights more carefully.

The First Amendment offers protection from government censorship. It offers no protection from censorship by private entities. That's perfectly legal, and widely practiced.

Mass media considered to be 'private' companies that provide government censorship to their programs to viewers so that's perfectly legal as well.
How do you adjust your anti skating? Why would you increase it for thick vinyl? For thick vinyl adjusting VTA is not a bad idea. Do you use a blank record to adjust your anti skating? A blank record is a record with no grooves.Buying a 3 sided album like 2nd Winter by Johnny Winter or Three Sides Live by Genesis will yield you one. Drop tonearm on blank record and adjust so tonearm travels the surface of the record from outside to inside at the same speed. If you drop your tonearm on the record and it just glides fast toward the end of the record you need to adjust,remember same speed  from the outer to center to end.The fact that the music sounds better as the tonearm travels inward is an indication your VTA is off or as you say you got a bad pressing and if it isn't to late return it.
Also are you listening to the record in mono? Listening to Mono records in stereo will yield minute amounts of distortion. Google this and read what characteristics r exhibited.
Your anti skate should increase to match your VTF so it should technically be increased when you play a thicker record because raising the cartridge height naturally increases the V TF.

Yes I'm playing it through a stereo setup
I had a DCC version of Pet Sounds and liked the tubelike tonal balance but preferred a late 60s pressing as it sounded more detailed and dynamic.
If you're hearing sibilance well then by golly you're hearing it!  It's there for some reason and anyone who cares about this would have, should have, offered to help, not ridicule.

Why there wasn't more interest in helping you solve it is beyond me.  It is possible that that particular piece of vinyl wasn't quite ready for pressing, and for some reason the attacks on vocals are "vomiting" your cartridge as it hits those transients.  If this doesn't happen with any other recordings, so please be honest here, then it is not your cartridge or table.  Remember, mono recordings modulate only in the horizontal, there is no vertical motion of the stylus. Make sure you run at maximum VTF as recommended by the cartridge manufacturer when playing mono records.
Rega p7 with a few upgrades.  Gold ring 1042 cartridge.  It's on a 100 pound sandbox.  
I've been on SH forums..... always hated it.

I have a mono Pet Sounds (DCC). I have never had any of your issues with it. In fact, it sounds VERY GOOD!

I'm with qdrone as far as you must have another issue.

Good luck and don't ever go back to the SH forums!
Jokerman I agree with you 100%. I have the 40th anniversary of Pet Sounds in mono and stereo. It sounded bad and replaced it with the Analogue Productions version in 45rpm mono. Sounds horrible too. Using Ortofon 2m mono se cartridge. Always put on my Cole After Midnight LP on my system to make sure everything is ok with the system. That and the mofi Dylan’s sound great . Surprised to hear this after listening to AP release of Surfer Girl which sounds amazing.
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The Pet Sounds album wasn't recorded very well (sonically) to begin with. Veiled, weak bass, muted highs, etc. It doesn't matter which pressing you get, they all sound that way. Now, the Surfer Girl album, that's a different story! All the early "Stereo" Beach Boy albums (up through and including Wild Honey, a REALLY poorly recorded album) are actually Capitol Records' "Duophonic" (electronically reprocessed Mono)---due to Brian Wilson being almost deaf in one ear, he mixed to Mono on one speaker---except, for some reason, Surfer Girl. Clean, crisp sound too.
i agree 100% with bdp--for all the acclaim  pet sounds always sounded compressed and bad to me, with notably thin low end. brilliant songs, however.
Oh yeah loomis, Pet Sounds is the album that really kicked Paul McCartney into high gear in regard to album making. The other Beach Boys were on the road touring, and returned home to find Brian had the album’s instrumental tracks completely done (he not just wrote the albums material, but also orchestrated it, produced it, and conducted the orchestra players in its recording), waiting for their vocal tracks to be recorded. "God Only Knows" is, I believe, amongst the handful of greatest Pop songs ever written, an absolute masterpiece. For an insight into its brilliance, look for the You Tube video in which a music teacher sits at a piano, explaining the construction of the song while playing the chords and melody etc.