Lounge LCR III vs. Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II

Anyone have experience with either phono amp? The price points are pretty far apart, but both are on my short list.
Have not heard the Lehmann. The Lounge is a steal at $300. Playing through a Rega RP3/ AT120E into Naim amps- this phono boogies!
Originally purchased for my son's LP12/Nait2 - wiped the floor with the internal boards.
Purchased another one to give as a Christmas present for my nephew- currently burning in with the RP3 sounding fab.
Thanks Mark. This jibes with what I've read elsewhere. Still looking for owners of the Black Cube SE II to weigh in.
Black cube SE is one of the best phonostages around for under $2k. It is a no brainer to me.
Thanks Pani.

Ok, now I'm thinking either the Black Cube SE II or the Musical Surroundings Nova II. Very close in price, both well regarded. Thoughts from anyone who's heard both?
I haven't listened to it long enough to give a thorough review, but so far the SE II is definitely revealing more detail than the Rod Elliott ESP-06 it replaced.