Low level listening

I am interested in everybody's thoughts on speakers on low level listening. Currently I have Tekton Lore's. They are the upgraded model and I like them, but they open to most of the time at a higher volume then I'm comfortable with. Smart me had to much fun listening to live music. " tinnitus".  I have ordered Magnapan LRS+ which I auditioned at my home which seemed more articulate at lower volumes. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Speakers or cures ? Just kidding about cures. 


Yes the Great MBL Omni directional Loudspeakers Everywhere is the sweet spot and pick up information on the recording that’s lost with the vast majority of Loudspeakers being the most critical midrange,and tweeter are outside of the cabinet enclosure,yes even at low volumes ,starting with their smallest speaker the 126 monitors , 

I have long used Quad stats and a few years ago, had my '57s restored by Electrostatic Solutions. You don't have to play them loud (in fact, they will not play at jet take off levels) to get the musical information. I use them in an all vintage tube system that has been brought to spec with fresh old stock glass.

By comparison, my main system, horns and SETs, can also deliver the musical information at low db levels. That system can play loud but I often listen at modest levels. (To get the woofers to energize the room, you have to give it some power). 

In comparison, I think the Quads act as a filter- they aren't as efficient and seem to give a warm sheen to most music- the horns are extremely revealing, more of a microscope on the music. I think, on balance, despite the '57s legendary transparency, I'm actually hearing more musical information with the horns than the Quads, but the latter sure are nice. Maybe it is the tube complement on the Quad system too compared to what drives the horns. (More "old fashioned" v. modern). For me, it was a bit of an epiphany, given that I've always considered the Quad "transparent." 

If I can't listen to my system at a fairly robust volume, I put on my headphones.  I like to hear music presented in such a way that it's hard to distinguish from being there.  When was the last time you were at a live show and said "I can't hear it?"

Curious why you are asking for recommendations if you have already ordered new speakers?

assuming they are returnable, what SPL levels are you aiming for?

I ask because I also have hearing damage from exposure (too much clubbing in the 90’s) and I use the “dB meter” app routinely. 

A max of 85dB should not cause any further damage and I find 70-85 very enjoyable with my Harbeths. 85dB “sounds loud”. The design criteria for them included sounding satisfying at the 70dB range.

the rest of the system helps of course, which includes 2 subs. All listed in my virtual system.

Low levels will never sound right as explained by someone earlier our ear frequency response varies with level and bass and treble are softer than middle frequencies until about 100dB, certainly loud. I suspect this affect is magnified by speakers that compress dynamic level changes more than other speakers whether by the speaker design itself or perhaps how well the speaker follows the voltage changes dictated by the amplifier. It's well known speakers vary in their reaction to inputs due to how reactive a load they are for amps.